Milestones of Computor History

By pshea16
  • Hewlett-Packard is Founded

    Hewlett-Packard is Founded
    Hewlett-Packard (HP) is founded and the HP 200A Audio Ocilator is made in a garage. It generates sound effects. I picked this one because it was used by many engineers and Disney in the movie "Fantasia".
  • Hideo Yamachito

    Hideo Yamachito
    Hadeo Yamachito, a Japanese man, invents the first electrical computor. I chose this because without the discovery of electrical computers, today's technology wouldn't be the same.
  • IBM 701

    IBM 701
    The BM 71 is made and 19 are sold to a community of scientists. I chose this piece because IBM is one of the major computed industries in the world today.
  • The Computor Mouse

    The Computor Mouse
    Douglas Engelbart invents the first computer mouse and patents it. The tail of wires at the end gives it the name 'mouse'. I chose this because I never knew why it was called the mouse before now.
  • IBM Word Prcessor

    IBM Word Prcessor
    IBM invents the first word processing program. I chose this because this class wouldn't exist without the invention of word processing.
  • E-mail is Invented

    E-mail is Invented
    Ray Tomlinson invents E-mail. Email is still a very common form of communication nowadays which is why I chose this event.
  • Apple Introduces Macintosh

    Apple Introduces Macintosh
    Apple introduces Macintosh with a mouse and screen. Along with game changing comercial. I chose this because apple is probably the most well known company in the world.
  • Google Invented

    Google Invented
    Sergy Brin and Larry Page invent google. Google is the most used search engine which is why I chose this event.
  • 1 Billion PCs sold

    1 Billion PCs sold
    In 2002, 1 billion PCs were sold, more than ever before. Popularity of computers was growing. I chose this because it shows how popular computers were and are becoming in numbers.
  • First iPhone Invented

    First iPhone Invented
    The iPhone is introduced and is a big success. Large amounts of people swarm to buy it. I chose this because almost everyone I know owns and iPhone.