Quran book

Milestones in Islam

  • Birth

    I was born and a ceremony called the Adhan was performed. The Call to Prayer (the Adhan) is recited in my right ear and the Command to Rise and Worship (the Iqamah) is whispered in my left ear. A male member of the family usually recites this, my father did so at my birth.
  • Aqiqah (Name Your Child)

    Seven days after my birth, I was given a name is a ceremony called the Aqiqah. They named me Karim which means "The Generous, The Bountiful." It comes from one of the Ninety-Nine Beautiful Names that describe God. In addition to announcing my name, families give to the poor. My parents cut my hair and gave its weight (.5 ounces) of silver to the poor. They also sacrificed a cow and distributed 1/3 of the meat away.
  • My Future Husband

    My Future Husband
    My parents introduced me to Ali. They believed he would be a suitable match since he was from a strong family. We enjoyed each other’s company and decided eventually we would get married.
  • Marriage

    We created a contract which stated the various wishes we had regarding our relationship, our lifestyle, and our future. We held our ceremony in our home and were surrounded by many family members. Our Imam came and read passages from the Qur'an. We had a large family celebration after the ceremony was complete!
  • Our Baby Boy is Born

    Our Baby Boy is Born
    We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Ali (My husband) whispered the Adhan in his right ear and then the Command to Rise and Worship (Iqamah) in his left ear.
  • Aqiqah (Abdulla is named)

    We held the Aqiah, the name giving ceremony 5 days after his birth. We decided to use one of Muhammad's names and called our boy Abdulla, which means "Servant of God." As is custom, we gave silver and meat away to the poor.
  • Death

    I died on May 28th 2080 at age 82 of natural causes. My family members held my burial on the same day I died and then had three days of mourning. I lived a long and happy life and had was very hopeful that I would reach Paradise. I was questioned by two angels who asked me about my life, faith and deeds while on earth. .