Middle East

By 1030314
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    Palestinian- israeli conflict

  • UN partitioned

    UN partitioned
    In 1947, the UN partitioned the land into Arab and Jewish states. The Arabs did not accept the partition. Therefore it led straight into a war.
    I think this is important because the Arabs lost and the war was won by the Jewish which expanded their land.
  • Palestine

    THe Palestinian state was originally formed to regain all of Palestine for the Palestinian Arabs, the Palestine Liberation Organization signaled that it would accept a two state solution in 1988.
    I think that this is important because the Olso was supposed to lead to a peaceful resolution but instead it led to major conflict in September 2000.
  • Oslo Declaration of Principles

    Oslo Declaration of Principles
    In 1993, the PLO signed the Oslo Declaration of Principles, rejecting violence and agreeing to honor UN SC Resolution 242, which recognizes the right of Israel. They did this at the white house with the president.
    This is important because after they did this Palestinian groups objected the treaty and began ambushing and bombing Israelis and authority claimed that they couldn't stop them.
  • Israeli Repression

    Israeli Repression
    September 2000, Israeli revenge for Palestinian raids became more severe, including assassinations of wanted terrorists that Palestinians didn't arrest.
    This is important because the raids and assasinations are leading to another genocide.