mexican rebellion/gov.

  • Period: to rebellion

  • phillip nolan

    by the gov. order nolan had to be arrested.the reason was that he explored and also made maps.
  • Father hidaglo

    Father hidaglo ordered an arrest for thenative spaniards in the city of dolores.He made a speech known as the Grito de Dolores,he was captured and shot as a rebel on july 31st oraugust 1st 1811
  • Jose g.d.l.

    jose was sent to the U.S and from the U.S to revilla in order to get some supplies. he had to leave his home in saltillo.During, jose got captured but when he got out he still continued the mission
  • augustus magee

    Augustus magee was known as a army officer. he failed to promote wich led to him quit.he also was known for the best informed officer
  • Battle of medina

    Mexican war of independence.aginst spanish army and republican forces.(the bloodiest battle ever fought on texas soil)
  • james long/army defeated tex

    james jlong joined the army. That year the army deafeated texas.james long was also known asa leader of a long expedition.
  • Jean lafitte (ariving at galvaston)

    Jean lafitte was a person who was against spain and supported mexico he sailed to galvaston with ships. the government told him to leave the island because it was part of the louisianna purchase.
  • james long was executed

  • Constitution of 1824

    Patterned after u.s,catholic religion was made state faith and thechurch was supported by the public treasury.No particular effort to define rights of the states in the confederacy.
  • constitution of coahuila and texas

    The constitution divided the state into three departments.citizens were granted liberty, property,security,and equally.However slavery was forbidden.
  • Merger of Coahuila texas

    The law superseded the imperial colonization law,and determined how texas would be peopled.It resulted from a Federalist political philosophy advanced by some of Mexico's post-independence statesmen
  • State Colonization Law of 1825

    No lands could be granted between twenty leagues of a boundary or within ten leagues of the coast without the approval of the federal executive authority.
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