mexican rebellen - government

  • Marquis de Rubi's report and his recommendations

    In France he was an ambassador and in Kingdom of Aragon he was an lieutenant general. Achieved the ranking of a marshell and a Knight commander. He was appoited inspector of the frontier presidios.
  • Augustus Magee

    Augustus Magee graduated in United States Military Academy. Served under Gen. James Wilkhison helped plan to invade Mexico.Magee was United States army's best formed young officer.
  • Philip Nolan

    Nolan made a plan to go Texas to steal Mustangs. He presented it to Baron de carondelet,and it was aproved. he made maps and was exploring as much as he could.
  • Father Miguel Hidalgo

    He went for indepedence for Mexico,because he was the first to revolt against the Spanish. The Spaniards were order to be arrested by Father Miguel on September 16, 1810.In September 16, 1821,Mwxico got there independents, because of some help from Father's speech's to have a rebellion against the Spanish.
  • Jose Cutiertis de lata

    The formating revolution in Nuevo Sontander was a successe because of Jose and his brother. Jose went to the United States. Hidalgo sent Jose to recruit along the Rio Grande. Hidalgo was captured but Jose keeped going/Spain
  • Battle of Medina

    In August 18, 1813 the republican forces and the Spanish fought each other in the Battle of Medina. Which was known as the bloodiest battle ever fought in Texas. happend in a turbulent and confused time in history.
  • Jean Lafitte

    He was a agent for Spain,and the Viceroy of Cuba suggested him. Lafitte gained command of Galveston. He turned against Spain and supported mexico. At this time Galveston was claimed by Mexico and Spain.
  • Dr.James Long

    James was put in commad of the expidition to conquer Texas. he was captured and put in prison in mexico city. The filibustering era in texas stopped after Longs death.
  • State Constitution Coahuilo y Texas

    The Republic of Mexico wanted each state to frame its own constitution. Coahuilla and the former Spanish province of Texas became Coahuila and texas. Texas was divided into three departments, and the District of Bexar, was one because of the Constitution.
  • State Colonization Law

    The National Colonization Law was passed on August 18, 1824 by the federal congress. This Law with the State law of Coahuila and Texas affected the colonization contracts in texas except for Austin's first contract.Every state had to follow this act and the federal constitution.
  • Merger of Coahuila y Texas

    The National Colonization Law was taken over by the imperial colonization law. It desided where the people would live. (August 18 1824) It's saided that people wishing colonization should to talk to individal statesand not the federal government.
  • Mexican federal Constitution

    Mexican Federal Constitution looked like the United States Constitution but more resembled the Spanish Constitution. The Catholic religion became the stat faith. The Congress voted if there was a tie or lack of a majority; when voting for the president.