Mexican Rebelion/Goverment

  • Rubi, Marques De

    Finally, because of thier peridy and duplicity, Rubi recommended a war of extermination against the lipan Apaches he was back in Mexico City Febuary 1768, and he filled his final report on April 10.
  • Phillip Nolan

    Phillip was captured and led first to Nacododches, where they were held briefly in the Old Stone House, erected by the towns founder, Antonio Gil Y'barbo, in 1779
  • Jose Guiterre de Lara

    Jose was recived by a secretary of state James Monroe, who listened to the plans for establishment of a republic goverment in Texas and use of Texas as a base for effecting the liberation of Mexico.
  • Augustus Magee

    Augustus Magee, after leaving the United Staes army, immediatley started recruting the force later known as the Gutierrez- Magee expedition. After they crossed the Sabine river, on August 8th he was joined by Guiterrez two days later with the loot of Jaun Jose Manuel Vicente Zambros.
  • Battle of Medina

    San Antonio, where a decralation or independence for the State of Texas under the republic of Mexico was proclaimed on april 6 1813.
  • Dr. James Long

    Dr. James Long was trying to take over or conquer Texas. He was imprisioned.
  • Constitution of 1824

    Constitutional goverment in Texas began with the Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824,which, to some degree, was patterened after the United Staes Constitution but resembled mpore the spanish constitution of 1812
  • Constitution of Coahuila and Texas

    The legislative for the new state was organized at Satillo in August 1824 with the Baron de Bastrop representing Texas.
  • constitution law

    and the United states and federal congress passed the national constitution law on August 18, 1824
  • Merger of Coahuilay Texas.

    in response to the troubles in texas the centralistsin Mexico city who ousted the federalists in late 1829 and espoused a strong central goverment, patterened after the monarchist spain of old, implented the law of April 6 1830.
  • Father Miguel Hidalgo

    Hidalgo was later captured and after he was excommunicated and de graded from priest hood, was shot as a reble on July 31 or August 1, 1811. Mexico was later conquerd by the French Army. The Mexican army later defeated the French in the battle of Pubela on May 5th 1862. The Mexican people now celebrate this victory every May 5th, Cinco de Mayo.