Mexican government/indapendance

  • Marques De Rubi

    Rubi inspected all over from Mexico to Teaxs. After he had finished his inspection he went back to spain and gave them suggestions on what to do. Four years passed and those regulations were established.
  • Philip Nolan

    Phillip came to texas in the 1790's as the governer of Louisianna. his purpose was to capture wild mustangs, or wild horses to make money in Louisianna. People became susoicious of Phillip, they thught he spent to much time with the commander of the united states forces. And in 1800 there was a warant for his arrest.
  • Father Miguel Hidalgo

    He made a speech at Dolores to the indians and mestizos called the Cry of Dolores.It was made of a purpose to call for a rebelion, so that the mexicans could govern Mexico.Even though the mexican indapendance was not until 1821 mexicans concider the 16th of september as the mexican indapendance.
  • Jose Gutierrez de Lara

    During the Mexican war for indapendence Jose and his brother were sent to recruit along the Rio Grande. After the casas revolt Jose was asked by the rebels to give aid in america. In april of 1812 Jose and his brther were in Natchitches where the Gutierrez-Magee expadition met and sought out for Texas
    got together and set for Texas.
  • Augustus Magee

    Resigned from the army and emediatly began recruting the force later known as the Gutiérrez-Magee expadition. In about the middle of september the force occupied Trinidad on the Trinity river were magee had become seriosly ill. retained his position even though he was sick , and on Febuary 6, 1813 he died.
  • Battle of Medina

    Was fought between the republican forces of the Gutiérrez-Magee expedition and a spanish royalist army. This battle was the most bloodiest battle ever fought on Texas soil. This battle diceded a lot of things between countries. Even though it ws the bloodiest battle it was obvious that the royalist army won by a long shot.
  • Jean Lafitte

    Lafitte was an agent of Spain who eventual rebeled against Spain and turned to mexico. Lafitte was given money to start a rival base against de Aury. Lafitee ship flew under the flag of Mexico.
  • Dr. James Long

    In 1819 Dr. Long was put in charge of an expadition to conquer Texas. In March of 1822 he was imprisoned. In april of 1822 he was shot and killed.
  • Mexican Federal Constitotion

    This constitotion resembled both the American and Spanish constitotion. It basicly states that a president will be elected every four years by the government.Also that the two sides to the congress would get together from January first to April fifteenth to discuss the presidents limatations.
  • State Constitution (Coahuila y Texas)

    The constitotion divided the stste into three seperat departments. Also made cathlioc the state religion. Made slavery forbiden.Stated that a governer would be elected every four years by the peoples vote.
  • State Colonization Law

    After the fall of Iturbide, Mexico gave a fedral system simalir to the United States.Became the basis of all colinization laws. This law surendered to the states athourity.
  • Merger of Coahuila y Texas

    Texas was orriginally with out Coahulia and was its own state. Also Coahulia was its own state seprate from texas. And then they mergeed together to create the texas that is now