Metro Trip Nally

By hnally
  • Dupont Circle

    Dupont Circle
    Start at Dupont Cirlce Station
  • Farragnorth

    On the second day go to Farragnorth Station
  • Metro Center

    Metro Center
    On the third day go to the Metro Station. Transfer to the Red line.
  • Federal Triangle

    Federal Triangle
    On the fourth day go to the Federal Triangle. You will transfer to the Blue line.
  • Smithsonain

    On the fifth day you will go to the Smithsonian. That is on the Blue line.
  • L' Enfant Plaza

    L' Enfant Plaza
    On the sixth day you will go to the L'Enfant Plaza. You will transfer to the Yellow line.
  • Federal Center SW

    You will go the Federal Center SW, You will transfer from the Yellow line to the Blue line.
  • Capitol South

    You will go to the Capitol South