Metro Trip Crosser

  • Dupont Circle

    Dupont Circle
  • Farragut North

    Farragut North
    Go next to Farragut North.
  • Metro Center

    Metro Center
    Continue down the Red line. Once hetting to the Metro Center you will be on the Blue line.
  • Federal Triangle

    Federal Triangle
    Continue down to the Federal Triangle between the Blue and Orange lines.
  • Smithsonian

    Keep going down until you reach the Smithsonian.
  • L'Enfant Plaza

    L'Enfant Plaza
    Continue across the Blue, Orange line until you reach L'Enfant Plaza in the middle of the Yellow, Green line.
  • Federal Center SW

    Federal Center SW
    Continue right until you reach Federal Center SW on the Blue, Orange line.
  • Capitol South

    Capitol South
    You are exiting the Metro System