MeMeMe Timeline

By abd126
  • Abdullah was born

    Abdullah was born
    I begain my life in september 2000 that was the day when I came in this world and started my life.The hospital that I was born at was called Ittefaq hospital.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    My first day of school was in 2004 that was the day that teached me alot of this world and those days helped me learn new stuff that help me today. The name of my school was Divisional Public School
  • Going to an army school

    Going to an army school
    I went to a army school for 3 years and it really helped me because I learned alot of cool stuff about th forces around the world I got to learn about different types of weapons which was really cool and the school was called military public school.
  • Learning right or wrong

    Learning right or wrong
    Learning right or wrong is really important because it helped me in my life in the future and told me about what is wrong and what is right
  • Moving to a new home

    Moving to a new home
    Buying a new house changed my life because I had to change alot of syuff like my school,my friends, my life, my neighbourhood and etc..
  • Comming to Canada

    Comming to Canada
    when I was coming to canada I was really exited and I was really young.when I came here everything was so different. like the houses, schools and etc....
  • Baby brother born

    Baby brother born
    when my baby brother was born I was really exited because we were getting a new family member the hospital that he was born at was credit valley hospital
  • Graduating from Public School

    Graduating from Public School
    I graduated from public school in 2010 from Mckinnon and It is really important because when you graduate from public school so then you go to middle school.
  • Going to Ruth Thompsom Middle School

    Going to Ruth Thompsom Middle School
    I was really exited to go to Ruth Thompson because It was a really different school then Mckinnon so I was allso really exited because It a a different school so I was going to have different teachers and meet different type of people and make more friends.