• Melinda is Born!

  • Oh Brother...

    Trey is Born.
  • Another Bother..

    I mean Brother! Tyler. And YES i do love that guy.
  • Our Family Moves....

    Our Family Moves....
    Lander Wyoming here we come!
  • Little Sister Lacey

    Lacey is born! My First Sister,
  • The Littlest Sister

    Valerie is Born
  • State Golf 2001

    State Golf 2001
    Placed 4th at State Golf Meet at Lander Course.... Shocks everyone! Even me =)
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Look Out World Here I Come!
  • College Graduation

    College Graduation
    Melinda Graduates from Weber State with Associate of Science with Honors
  • Transfer to the University of Wyoming

    Transfer to the University of Wyoming
    Melinda transfers to the University of Wyoming to work on Elementary Education Degree!
  • Sweet Madden

    Sweet Madden
    My Son Madden was stillborn this day. I still consider it an important day! He changed my life =) and i miss him.
  • Finally A Diagnosis

    Finally A Diagnosis
    After being really sick for months, I am diagonsed with Lupus. Crazy as it sounds! It was a relief!

    Melinda begins working at Atlantic City Federal Credit Union
  • Who needs a Spleen Anyway?

    Who needs a Spleen Anyway?
    Melinda has a Spleenectomy to help keep the Red Blood Cells alive! Crazy Body of mine...
  • Back to School...

    Back to School...
    Melinda goes back to college online to finish her Elementary Education degree!
  • Current Melinda

    Current Melinda
    See! I really did live through the first half of class!