melanie olea keiara mcneil

  • Battle Of Gonzales

    When the Texans fought for the connon.Put A flag up that said come and take it
  • consultation of 1835

    settlers who belonged to the war party urged the delegates to decare independence from mexico
  • Battle of San Antonio

    Texans attack San Antonio
  • stourt of the siege of the almo

    seige at the almo
  • Consulation covention begeins

    delegates gathered at washington on the brazos in 1836
  • consulatation convention begins

    delegeates gathered at washington on the brazos in 1836
  • Texans declaration signed

    Texas declaration of Independence is adopted
  • texans declaration of signed

    th almo falls
  • Battle of cleto

    fanning and his troops were out numbered by the mexcain troops
  • Goliad massacre

    more than 300 texans are executed at goliad
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    treaties of velasco are signed
  • runaway scrape

    Texans were abadning their homes and running away