Megadeth Timeline

  • Band Formation

    Band Formation
    Singer and lead/rythm guitarist Dave Mustaine meets bassist David Ellefson, they form the band with guitarist Greg Handevidt and drummer Dijon Carruthers.
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    Megadeth Timeline

  • Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!

    Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!
    Megadeth released it's first album, "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!" The album is a strong blend of speed and thrash metal.
  • Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?

    Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?
    Megadeth's second studio album "Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?" The band's second studio album. The album was one of the band's platinum albums and had hit song "Peace Sells".
  • So Good, So Far... So what!

    So Good, So Far... So what!
    The release of Megadeth's thrid album "So Good, So Far... So What!" was released. The album also went platinum . The album included the song "Set the World Afire", which was the first song frontman Dave Mustaine had written after his falling out with Metallica.
  • Rust in Peace

    Rust in Peace
    The album "Rust in Peace" was released. Rust in Peace was Megadeth's third consecutive platinum album and peaked position 23 on the Billboard 200. The album was nominated for the Best Metal Performance at the 33rd Grammy Awards and the song "Hanger 18" was nominated for the Best Metal Performance at the 34th Grammy Awards. It is the band's fourth studio album.
  • Countdown to Extinction

    Countdown to Extinction
    In 1992 Megadeth's fifth studio and forth platinum album was released. This album included hits Symphony of Destruction, Skin O' My Teeth, Foreclosure of a Dream, and Sweating Bullets. This album brought in a new sound and a large scale of commerical success for the band. Some would say that this was also Megadreth's "sell out" album.
  • Youthanasia

    Youthanasia was released in 1994 and was the band's sixth studio record. It involves once again, a somewhat new sound and was recorded in Phoenix, Arizona, which was the home of the majority of the band.
  • Cryptic Writings

    Cryptic Writings
    This was the band's seventh studio album and was as of now the band's final platinum record. This album was a mix of metal and melodic hard rock.
  • Risk

    The eigth studio album and gold album, Risk gave an entirely new sound for the band, being much slower and melodic with slightly a cleaner vocal performance.
  • The World Needs a Hero

    The World Needs a Hero
    The World Need a Hero was the ninth studio album produced by the band. The album received reviews of mediocrity and the production was considered to be "radio-friendly".
  • The System Has Failed

    The System Has Failed
    The System Has Failed is the bands tenth album and was the first album after the 2002 breakup which was caused by the singer/rhythm/lead guitarist/founder Dave Mustaine arm injury. As showed by the album cover itself and the music, the album is an attack on politcis and America's way of functioning.
  • United Abominations

    United Abominations
    United Abominations was the band's eleventh studio album and received very high reviews. The album was full of explosve guitar riffs and solos that not only reminded listeners of an early Megadeth, but also proved that the band was still capable of pulling off such straining songs.
  • Endgame

    Endgame was the band's twelfth studio album. It gained mostly positive reviews, some staing that there some old school moments but also very many modern ideas as well. Some said it was the best album since Rust in Peace. The album's lyrical themes had been mostly an attack on politics and the American government. It included such hits such as Headcrusher.
  • TH1RT3EN

    TH1RT3EN is Megadeth's thirteenth studio album and most recent. It received mostly positive reviews. The sound of the album as a whole is a very modern sound in contrast to most of their other albums in the past decade. It included hits such as Public Enemy No. 1 (which was based on Al Capone) and Whose Life and included other songs that were written for other albums. Songs such as New World Order, Black Swan, and Millennium of the Blind. Sudden Death was also orignally written for Guitar Hero.