Me Timeline

  • I Was Born

    I was born on February 24, 1998 in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Little Sister Was Born

    My little sister was born on March 24th, one month after my birthday and six years later.
  • Started Soccer

    I started soccer in the fall of my first grade year.
  • Started Middle School

    Middle school contained the worst year of my life so far. Middle school was horrible.
  • Got a Dog

    After years of waiting, I finally got a dog.
  • Started Treatment

    I started treatment on February 7th, and on and off I had treatment until June 29th, I would go to different centers and have only a few days in between the weeks I would go.
  • Started High School

    I started high school at the end of the summer. High school has been very hard.
  • Dated Wil

    Wil has changed my life for the better. We have been together for a year on Thursday, February 13, 2014. He has made me so much happier.
  • Started Homeschool

    I was homeschooled for one semester.
  • Switched to Hill School

    I switched schools from homeschool to Hill School.