ME, The Protagonist of MY Story!

  • Being Born

    Being Born
    my parents were lucky, to have such amazing child like me, I know I dont remember it, but without this I would have not made, any of these story's to tell, and to cherries
  • Almost Died

    Almost Died
    I dont really remember this story but my mom, and my dad tell me it all the time, when I was 5 months my sister picked me up, but then drop me on the floor, I had stiches, and it was a good chance I could have died
  • Hit By A Car

    Hit By A Car
    again I dont really remember this but my mom, and dad tell me this all the time, when I was a 3 I was walking across the street, a car was going fast, and my mom was walking with me, but the car was going pretty fast, my mom picked me up and ran, the car did not stop
  • I Almost Lost

    I Almost Lost
    I started ballet, when I was 6, once I was competing, and I trip I was scared I lost, but it turns out I did not lose, I did not win either though.
  • Lost

    when I was 7 I was performing in gymnastics, but I fell and lost, but the next day I performed again and won.
  • Broke My Leg

    Broke My Leg
    when I turned 7 to celebrate, we went ice skating, when I was doing a turn I tripped over my blade, and fell I broke my leg, really badly it needed surgery.
  • No Allergy's

    No Allergy's
    When I was 9 I never had an allergy, but when I was eating cake I chocked, everyone thought it was an allergy, but it was not.
  • Got My Cat

    Got My Cat
    I never had a pet before, I been wanting a cat forever, my parents always said no, so after begging for months they said yes, so I was so happy when we picked up Cheeto.
  • Ate McDonalds For First Time

    Ate McDonalds For First Time
    my whole I've been asking my mom for McDonalds, but she always said no, finely 5 weeks ago I ask her, she said yes.
  • Fell Head First

    Fell Head First
    last year I was preforming as a figure skater, when I did a spin, I almost broke my ankle, I fell head First on the ice, ever since then my family been calling me the girl who fell.