Me,Myself, and I

  • Birthday- October 24, 2001

  • my sister is born

    my tewin asister is born 7 minutes after me
  • my first pets was a horse, dog, and a cat

    i had a brown dog, a siamese cat, and a brown horse. my parents had the mbefore i was born.
  • got into a car chrash with my dad

  • my brother was born

    my little brother was born
  • first day of kinderguarten-2007

  • first grade

    first day of first grade
  • seconf grade

    first day of second grade
  • third grade

    first day of third grade
  • two cats

    i cat two grey cats for my birthday from my grandma. a boy louie and a girl lily
  • fourth grade

    first day of third grade
  • drove down to arizona

    drove down to arizona with my mom then stayed wtih my dad and his side of the family in there house and took a plane back to south dakota
  • fifth grade

    first day of fifth grade
  • sixth grade

    first day of sixth grade
  • seventh grade

    first day of seventh grade
  • MY dog died

    My dog spankie which was a black lab mixed with a basset hound. i had him since i was three and he died on my 13 birthday
  • eighth grade

    first day of eighth grade