Me, Me, Me Time Line

By pri407
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born on March 21st, 2000. I was born in Scarborough, Onatrio in Canada. When I was born, my mom wanted to name me something that related to god. Hence, she named me Prisha, which means "Gift from God."
  • Moving Day

    Moving Day
    On July, 10th, 2004, I moved from an apartment in Scarborough to a house in Mississauga. It was hard to leave all my friends from my original school, but I was extremly excited too, to have a way bigger house and a new school! I went to Montessori private school and then swiched to Churchill Meadows Public School.
  • My First Soccer Game

    My First Soccer Game
    My first soccer game in May, 9th, 2005, was a great experience for my first soccer game outside of school called Erin Mills soccer club. Ever since I started soccer, I have literally become addicted to this fast-playing sport. This also taught me to love other sports as well such as vollyeball, badminton, squash, swimming, football, dodgball, and floor hockey.
  • David Attenborough's documentaries

    David Attenborough's documentaries
    On October, 7th, 2007, my father showed me one of my first documentaries by David Attenborough. He is a zoologist and cares deeply for many different types of wildlife. I looked up to him to know more information about many creatures. His documentaries taught me to care for the enviroment more and to have a passion for researching animals.
  • A "tail" of 2 cute guinea pigs

    A "tail" of 2 cute guinea pigs
    Fisrt of all, Is hould let you know that guinea pigs don't have tails. The title was just a play on words. On March, 14th, 2008, my sister and I both recieved 2 adorable guinea pigs, both male, for doing really well on both our report cards. Max is an abyssinian guinea pig and he is currently 4 years old. Our 2nd guinea pig, Sparky, is a tortoiseshell guinea pig who is currently 2 years old. Owning pets have taught many (including me), about responsiblity.
  • My standing in a math competition

    My standing in a math competition
    On April, 15th, 2008, I recieved a 2nd palce reward for a math competition called "UCMAS." It is where you learn how to do mental math efficiently and quickly. Each contestant was given a sheet of paper that had 100 question on it and you had to solve those questions mentally under 8 minutes. My score was 85 out of 100 questions. This competition taught me to be more competitive and learn to like math.
  • Diwali in India

    Diwali in India
    On October, 28th, 2008, my family and I visited our relatives in India to celebrate diwali. It was an amazing adventure to be celebrating one of my culture's sacred festivals with my whole family. We had fireworks, dances, and best of all, FOOD! This experince made me want to learn more about my traditions and culture.
  • Valedictorian and Athlete of the Year

    Valedictorian and Athlete of the Year
    On June, 24th, 2009, My sister (Pranali) was given the award of valedictorian and athlete of the month. She received these awards because she was hard working, good at sports, a passion for learning, and a true leader. I hoped that some day, I could have these 2 awards and I have already started because I was given athlete of the month for this year, and last year.
  • FLL Robotics Championship

    FLL Robotics Championship
    Official FIRST LEGO LEAGUE websiteE-Bots Website for FLLOn May, 14, 2011, my team and I had the honour of being able to participate in the open world championship at califonia. Our team was extremely excited and we won 2nd place overall! My sister went to the VEX Robotics championship in California too in April, 15th, 2011. Her team came in 1st in the programming section out of all the teams in the WORLD championship. This breath taking experince taught my to love science and technology alot more!
  • University

    My sister is getting prepared to apply for UFT (University of Toronto) next year! It makes me think about alll the years we've spent together having fun, laughing, sometimes having fights and then I'm thinking, once she goes to university, all that will change. So this year, I am really cherishing this year as it might be the last year if she decides to go to waterloo. This topic has also got me to start thinking about my future and how its going to turn out.