Me Me Me By Luxshan

By lux312
  • My Birth

    I was born on a Tuesday morning at 5:31 am in Trillium Hospital. When I was born I was really hungry.
  • Period: to

    Luxshan's Timespan

  • Moved To Boston

    My dad got a job in Boston so my whole family had to move to Boston when I was 3 months old. That was my first time in a plane too.
  • Went to Sri Lanka

    My grandfather passed away so my mom wanted to visit her mom and her family.
  • Broke my head

    I was standing on a stool when it slipped and I fell on the door's screw thingy (which was metal). I started bleeding and my mom called 911 to take me to the hospital.
  • Baby Sister

    I wasn't at the hospital when my new baby sister was born because my parents made me sleep at my cousins house. But when they brought her home I was happy because I was a brother. But I regret saying those words. She is annoying most of the time and constantly asks me useless questions for no apparent reason. But I still love her.
  • Got MVP trophy in Soccer

    The last game of my season i was awarded the mvp trophy by my coach. I was really happy for myself because I was the player who worked the hardest on my team. And when we went home I rubbed it in my cousins face.
  • Rode dolphin in Cuba

    When I went to the place to ride the dolphin we had to go on a boat. We rode for hours and finally we arrived. When I saw the dolphins i thought this was going to be fun and really cool. But when I was in the water I got so scared. But I ended up going on it and I didn't regret it at all.
  • Snorkling in the middle of the Ocean

    After I rode the dolphin we went to a beach on the boat. Then we had lunch and then we went on the boat again. Out of nowhere we stopped in the middle of the ocean. I thought we ran out of gas but we went snorkling instead. Under the ocean there is like another world. It was so beautiful. I cant wait to go again.