• The day I was born

    The day I was born
    I was born at GBMC at 2:00 p.m. My parents were so happy to have me. I was the third child and the only boy. I was named after two great men, my father's Uncle Steve and his grandfather, David Glick.
  • My First Year

    My First Year
    I do not remember my first birthday. Birthdays are a big deal and I am sure we had a party.
  • Start Pre School

    Start Pre School
    I went to Baltimore Hebrew Pre School with my older sister, Kitty. We were not in the same class but our babysitter took us for part of each day.
  • Start Kindergarten

    Start Kindergarten
    I started kindergarten at Park School. I loved my teachers and how I could build things every day in the classroom. We went in the woods, cooked and did fun things everyday.
  • Diagnosed Dyslexic

    Diagnosed Dyslexic
    I was not doing very well with learning to read at Park. My teacher told my parents to have me tested. We found out that I was dyslexic and I changed to Jemicy School in the JE Community.
  • State Reports

    State Reports
    We did the famous state report project with Scott. My state was Mississippi. Their main export is coal. I learned a lot about the state and worked really hard.
  • Thirteenth Birthday

    Thirteenth Birthday
    I turned 13! It is great to be a teenager.
  • Fourteenth Birthday

    Fourteenth Birthday
    Here I am at 14 with my friends at a party. I am going to miss these guys.
  • On to High School!

    I will attend the Jemicy High School.