• Born

    I was born in Espinal-Tolima
  • Breeding

    I raised my grandmother, up to 10 years old.
  • Birthdays

    When I was little I had amazing birthday parties.
  • My first kiss.

    It was an afternoon, a boy who lived near my house stole a kiss, I was 6 years old.
  • 4 grade graduation

    I remember that graduation as if it had been yesterday, it was very beautiful.
  • First communion gift.

    The gift was a chicken, he grew up and we ate it.
  • My worst experience in Bogotá

    I went to live with my sisters and they robbed me in the apartment.
  • School

    My experience at school was great, I enjoyed it a lot and met very special people
  • My 15th birthday party

    My 15th birthday party
    I had a great party, in which to dance, and enjoy. I received many gifts until they gave me a motorcycle that I still have
  • 18 years of my life.

    18 years of my life.
    I think that growing is not as we imagine, growing carries responsibilities, duties, and other things that we must fulfill. Growing up helps us see life differently. In my 18 years I have enjoyed a lot, I have laughed, I have danced, I have shouted and I have cried, but I really miss my childhood