Maus Timeline

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    Maus Timeline

    A timeline depicting the events in chronological of the fictional story of "Maus." This story shows will, shows life, it shows that freedom is not given but taken by those courageous enough to fight for it.
  • Meeting Anja

    Meeting Anja
    His cousin introduces Vladek (30) to her, after the events with his ex-girlfriend, Lucia. He then moved on to Anja (24) who he dates later on.
  • The Marriage of Vladek and Lucia

    The Marriage of Vladek and Lucia
    The happy couple finally got married, on Valentine's Day too. Soon after they end up having a son.
  • The Birth of Richieu

    The Birth of Richieu
    Vladek fell in love with Anja and decided to have a son with her 2 years later. Vladek learns responsibility and this builds character.
  • Vladek's Draft Letter

    Vladek's Draft Letter
    The military sent Vladek a letter to fight in WWII, which he panics about because he knows the struggles that will come forth as well as knowing that his will to survive will be tested.
  • WWII

    Vladek is drafted in, which leads him to see death, men shot down and blown up, which can change a man and make his heart black.
  • Internment Camp

    Internment Camp
    On his first on the job, he gets captured and sent to a camp from whom he escapes with the help of a bribed guard. He has been the slave and the pastor which broadened his view of the world.
  • The Second Internment Camp

    The Second Internment Camp
    Now that Vladek has been in an internment camp once, he knew what to expect and the work; this one he didn't escape from. HE stays here for 3 years, in which all this suffering tests his will.
  • Freedom of the Oppressed

    Freedom of the Oppressed
    1945, all the Internment Camps have been liberated along with Vladek. After those many years of hiding, seeing all this suffering, it must have caused some psychological trauma to Vladek like PTSD.