Matt D's War of 1812

  • Battle of Tippecanoe Creek

    Description of event - what happened? Harrison was able to take Detroit back in the victory of the Battle of Thames where Tecumseh was killed in. The U.S navy was able to make multiple victories over the early months of the war.
  • US Naval Commander Oliver Hazard Perry captured a British fleet on Lake Erie

    Description of event - what happened? Commander Oliver H. Perry had spotted a British naval vessel floating on Lake Erie one morning on the 10th of September in 1813. The victory of this battle gave the U.S control over the Great Lakes. Perry told the Congress about his victory in a famous message saying “We have met the enemy and they are ours.”
  • Napoleon's defeat in Europe

    Description of event - what happened? Napoleon was defeated by the British. After the loss the British sent 18,000 troops to Canada. The U.S forces were defeated by the British in Lundy’s Lane. After the win they burned the White House.