Matt and Caitlyn

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  • First Saw Eachother

    You were at work, and I was riding around on a scooter ;)
  • Period: to

    Our Life :)

  • First Had Class Together

    This was the first night we had sociology together :) We didn't talk, but I kept looking at you :)
  • Facebook Friends!

    Even though I had been looking at your profile for a while, I finally got the courage to add you :)
  • First Text From Me

    This was the first time I texted you. For some reason that night, I couldn't get you out of my mind. I wanted to come visit you, but you weren't there :(
  • Sat in the Cafeteria Together for the First Time :)

    I had just got good news about my mom that day, and you came to sit and talk for a while :) I really enjoyed your company :)
  • Our Crazy Ice Cream Run :)

    The night started out by playing ping pong, and we had an awesome night getting ice cream with Jackson and Tia :)
  • Came to Visit You :)

    You had just got your wisdom teeth pulled, and I thought I would stop by :) This is the same night where you had to "take my socks off" and I really wanted you to hold my hand :)
  • The First Time We Hung Out/ Held Hands

    You came back a day early from spring break to see me. We went to the movies with Miguel, Lauren and the Mynch. Afterwards, you took me on a walk by the pond, and we held hands :)
  • First Kiss

    A day after we hung out, you kissed me! :)
  • .... ;)

    I think we both know what happed on this day ;)
  • The Night You Asked Me to Be Yours :)

  • First Met Your Family

    Baby, I was nervous!! :)
  • First Rockies Game!

    This was the best date ever :) We caught a ball, and even though we got snowed out, it was still an amazing day with you :)
  • Meeting My Parents

    I took you to Texas Roadhouse to meet my parents :) You were just a little nervous :)
  • First Hockey Game

    My first hockey game :)
  • Rockies Game

    This was our replacement game for when we got snowed out :) I wont forget when we were walking down the street and you had to go to the bathroom realllyyyyyy bad! haha! :)
  • "I Love You"

    You took me on a walk to the pond where we first went walking together. We stood by the pond and you turned towards me and said the three best words I have ever heard.
    And don't forget that I lost my phone!
  • Rockies Game

    Another Rockies Game :) We went on the media tour, and it was tons of fun :)
  • Rapids Game!

    This was my first soccer game! I had a lot of fun with you :)
  • Suprise!! :)

    You surprised me for my birthday! :) I was so happy to be with you that night :)
  • The Last Day I Saw You :(

    This was a rough morning :(
  • The First Time I Saw You at School!! :)

    This was the happiest time for me :) Even if I had to rent a car to get to you :)
  • One Year, Baby! :)

    Looking forward to this :)
  • School Together

    Finally.. What we have been waiting for :) Can't Wait!