Math Autobiography

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  • Classroom visit to Mr. Schulteis

    It was unbelievable. I went in to my 6th grade teacher's classroom, some 10 years (and new school building) later, and I was dismayed to see that his students used the exact same textbook that I had! I hadn't really thought about it, until I was reading the Kaput article for our first assignment. Makes me wonder if he is still using it, 20 years later...
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    I'm pretty sure I learned how to count from the Count on Sesame Street. I'm bummed that the man who was the voice of Count passed away this summer. It is something I won't likely forget.
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    Elementary School

    Adding, Subtract, Multiplication and Division. While I was learning all of the simplistic math, my older sister struggled with her higher level math classes, including Algebra and Geometry. She never got passed those two class in high school. It made me a little afraid of "algebra."
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    Middle School

    From beginning with timed math tests, to ending with some crazy lady who was spouting something about Pythagorus, middle school math was easy. I never struggled, and it wasn't until later that I realized what I once thought was really hard, was super easy... Algebra, who knew?
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    High School

    Ms. Barthel gave me a great foundation with Algebra and Geometry. I had this somewhat crazy lady for Algebra II/Trig. She drove me nuts, but I still did the homework, and I still did well. I think it was fear of being grounded with anything less than a C. Mr. Kaiser was the teacher I had for Pre-Calc, he was a self-proclaimed "guru" of math and computer science. He reminded me of a turtle, but he had some seriously odd humor.
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    Calculus - First Semester

    The first instructor I had had a thick accent, and I could barely understand him, so I transferred into another class. I don't remember his name, but I had the chance to have him for second semester calc, but decided I hated where it fell in the day and week... What a mistake that was.
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    Second Semester Calc

    For the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE... I studied for math. 6 HOURS for an exam and I barely passed it with a D. I did some soul searching and went through quite a few changes in the coming months. Ended a relationship, changed my major, dropped calculus, and ended up taking Backpacking, Aikido, and Rollerblading to maintain full time status...
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    Remaining School of Ed Prerequisites

    I was seriously irritated that I had to go through several math courses in order to be accepted into the school of Ed. I went from Calc and Analystic Geometry to "Math Explorations for Elementary Teachers I and II" Seriously? What a joke. A complete waste of my time and money. That is exactly how I felt about it then, and I still do.
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    School of Ed

    My methods classes were bearable, but barely. I didn't take much away from it, I guess I feel like I would have been better off if I could sit in a math classroom and see how it was done, and that was exactly what I did in field work. However, I didn't have an opportunity to see a middle school math classroom in action.
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    I thoroughly enjoyed Geometry with Matt. He was enthusiastic and pushed me to dust off the cobwebs. It was a rough start, but once it all started coming back to me, it wasn't so bad. Fun actually.