Mary jackson

Mary Jackson

  • Birth

    This is the day that Mary Jackson was given life. The world was not ready for what she was about to do. She was about to help change peoples perspective on Black people and women.
  • Graduation

    This is when Mary Jackson graduated from Hampton Institute in 1942. She had a degree in Math and Physical Sciences.
  • Math Teacher

    Math Teacher
    Soon after she got her degree, Mary Jackson accepted a job as a math teacher in a black school located in Calvert Country, Maryland. *Note: I couldnt find a picture of Mary Jackson in school, just a person I found around in the same time that I figured fit perfectly*
  • Married

    Jackson got married to Levi Jackson Sr. Levi Jackson was a sailor in the US Navy.
  • First Child

    First Child
    In 1945, Mary had her first child, Levi Jackson Jr,, named after his dad, Levi Jackson Sr.
  • NASA

    Mary Jackson was hired by NASA. This was a big thing for women ans especially black women becasue Mary Jackson showed that not only men can get into NASA.
  • Project Mercury

    Project Mercury
    At this time, Mary Jackson was offered to move from the West wing to work with and engineer on Project Mercury. This was huge!!
  • First Woman Engineer

    First Woman Engineer
    This was when Mary Jackson was known as the first african american woman engineer at NASA. This is a huge accomplishment because it helps people realize that everyone can be smart if they really put their mind to it.
  • Project Mercury launch

    Project Mercury launch
    When project mercury launched. This was a big moment in NASA's career beacuse this was a test to see how well man could function in space.
  • Wind tunnel

    Wind tunnel
    Mary Jackson helped create a wind tunnel which was pretty similar to the one she made when she was working on Oroject Mercury. This was from 1970-1979
  • Death

    The day that Mary Jackson passed away was obviously sad. Mary Jackson is still remembered today. She will never be forgotten. She helped black people and women not be known as much as "less than" the other people.