Marquis's timeline

  • the day i was born

    i was born at jamica hospital in queens New york
  • Period: to

    lived in new york

  • my first brithday

    the told me i did not like the clown
  • halloween for me

    i was a pumkin for this year
  • my little brother keshaun was born

    i was hoping to be a only child but im lucky to have a litttle brother
  • first day of school

    is was a new and fun edperese
  • the chrismas i can remaber

    every one in the was happy but was not happy that be had to wack up
  • i moved to virgina

    it was not easy to move away for the big apple
  • My litttle sister tyler was born

    she is my bad little sister but an angel to
  • first day at high school

    i was very nerves the first day but i got use to the high school life
  • i graguated middle school

    i was glad that is was finally over but i do niss middle school
  • i moved again

    i moved to glen allen the problem was we move to the seacond floor
  • know im her at hermitage high

    know im here at the herm with some new friend great techer and and a great life (kinda)