Margarita Arellano, High Shool Timeline

  • Soccer Athlete

    Started playing soccer since my Freshman year. It's just something I really enjoy doing being out in the field next to my teamates is the most amazing thinf ever. I plan on playing all through High School and maybe even further.
  • Period: to

    High School

  • Computers

    it takes time to learn how to do things but, being a hands on learner everything seems easier. My dad tought me how to fix computers and all about them, if I have any trouble I know what to do,
  • Cars

    Summer is here and there may be nothing to do, I can get some hands on learning, my dad is teaching me how to fix things in cars, so far everything is good. I learned about changing the oil.
  • soccer award

    it Was an amazing soccer year with all these wonderful ladies leaving all the drama to the sime anone could say we got along just fine, after all we are a team. I recieved a "Defender of the Year" award.
  • Babysitting

    I babysit for my neighbor every sunday and that is how I get my money for now. I will start working when I turn 17.