Marcie's Jewish Timeline

  • Joined Ramat Shalom Synagogue

    Joining this synagogue was a transformative part of my childhood. It is where my mother and I became involved and committed Jews.
  • My Bat Mitzvah

  • Joined my synagogue's Hebrew High Program

  • First Started Keeping Kosher

  • Confirmation

  • First thought about being a rabbi

  • First National Kallah of Reconstructionist Youth

  • Went on the Alexander Muss High School in Israel Program

  • First starting working for Camp JRF

    In the summer of 2002 the Reconstructionist Movement launched a summer camp. I worked there every summer from 2002-2006.
  • Went on March of the Living

  • Became involved with Hillel at the University of Florida

  • My Mother Passed Away

    My mother and I were on this Jewish journerey together and her death left me on a more solo journey
  • Started as a JCSC Fellow at the University of North Carolina

  • Started Learning at Pardes

    I honestly can't think of one single teacher out of the many Jewish learning experiences that I have had over the years. Instead I want to name the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem as one of my most memorable and Jewish learning experiences. It was the first place where I really engaged with texts and was also forced to confront the "traditional" Judaism that I was so afraid of. I also learned how to daven and what it meant to be shomeret shabbat for the first time. Interestingly
  • I was accepted to Rabbinical School

  • Started Rabbinical School

  • My dad got sick

    My father became ill just after Yom Kippur and spent 8 months in and out of the hospital before passing away the following June.
  • My father passed away

  • Left for Israel and my 3rd year of Rabbinical School

    I spent the summer in Ulpan at Hebrew University and then the acadmic year at the Conservative Yeshiva and the Hartman Institute.
  • Starting working for Prozdor

  • Started at Pardes

    I ended up at the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem for two years. Much of my Jewish life and practice changed at this time. I discovered that I could be both Halachic and Egalitarian at the same time. I learned text, and liturgy, and was influenced by learning with a pluralistic student body which ultimately led me to Hebrew College.