Marching Towards War

  • Period: to

    Prussia blood-and-iron chancellor, Ottoman Bismarck freely used war to unify Germany

  • Franco-Prussian War took place

    Franco-Prussian War took place
  • Period: to

    Rivalities and mutual mistrist let to military alliances.

  • Bismarck declared by saing Germany to be a "satisfied power"

  • Bismarck took yet another possible ally away from France by making a treaty with Russia

  • Italy joined to the Triple Alliance

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II became ruler.

  • Wilhelm let his nations treaty with Russia lapsed, so Germany policy changed

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II forced BIsmarck to resign

  • Russia made a defensive military alliance with France

  • Russia made a defensive military alliance with France

  • Fredric Passy expressed a concern.

    "The entire adle-bodied population are preparing to massacre one snother; though no one, it is true, wants to attack, and everybody protests his love of peace and determination to maintain it, yet the while world feels that it only requires some unforeseen incident, some unpreventable accident, for the spark to fall in a flash... and blow Europe sky-high"
  • Britain made a entente with France and Russia

  • Two rival camps existed in Europe

  • Austria took over Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Franz Ferdinand and his wife were killed by Gavrilo Princip

  • Austria presented Serbia with an ultimatum containing numerous demands

  • Austria rejected Serbia's offer and declared war

  • All great powers except Britain had large standing armies.