Manifest Destiny

  • Manifest Destiny Began

    The purpose of Manifest Destiny was to expand America from coast-coast. This made the Native Americans mad because they were taking their land and putting them on reservations. We were expanding west because the Americans believed God told us everything was ours. They were escaping religious prosecution. They were trying to spread slavery. They believed that they could get money off of the land and natural resources.
  • Period: to

    Manifest Destiny

  • Mining and the Railroad

    Three effects are boom towns, new states, and an increase in population. The transcontinental railroad helped transport food and supplies. Time zones were created. Technology greatly increased The homestead act was the law stating that people were allowed to settle in the west. This made the southerners happy because they had more land to grow there crops on.
  • Texas Independence

    Texas wanted independence from Mexico because there was tax on United State imports. No Americans were aloud. They were upset by the governments actions. There was plans to end slavery in Mexico. They had a new constitution. We caught Santa Anna. Texas had independence.
  • Settlement of the West

    The major factors that that led to the west settlement were to get wealthy of of the land and the crops they would grow. They wanted to escape slavery and racism. They also wanted to spread democracy throughout the west. California was made up of mostly immigrants. There was vigilantes in mining camps because they were lawless. People stopped there lives and sold everything to seek gold in California.