350px congress of paris 1856

Makayla Elliott

  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War between Great Brtian and the United States,rcognize American Independence and established borders for the new nation
  • Marques De Rubi Report

    Marques De Rubi Report
    A report requested by Spain to inspect the presidios of Texas.When Marques De Rubi finally returned he said "Spain should abandon all the missions in Texas except those in La Bahia and San Antonio,that San Antonio should be the New capital in Texas." Spanish should become friends with Comanche to attack t he Apache.
  • American Revolution Begins

    American Revolution Begins
    A time when the first 13 colonies came together to break free of the British Empire, combining to become the United States.
  • United States gain Independence

    United States gain Independence
    July 4th is the day of Decleration, after the fight for Independence from Great Beitain.The new nation became a Republic, the new nation quickly grew leading some spanish officials to see it as a threat.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    Spanish Officials in Louisiana decided to allow U.S imigration to boost population.Troops in Nacogdoches wanted to keep foreigners out.Population grew,Spain watched anxiously.France forced spain to return louisiana and then sell it to the United States for $15 million.
  • Green Flag

    Green Flag
    Mexican American fillbusters angainst Spanish Texas during the early years of mexican war Independece .
  • Battle of Medina

    Battle of Medina
    booldiest battle ever fought on Texas soil causing over 100 deaths.
  • James Long

    James Long
    the last fillbuster in his area from the rest of everyone else.