Major Lesson

  • Grandpa died

    My grandpa smoked a lot, and he got sick and died. Around 1980
  • I bumped my head into some wood

    I was chasing my sister and i accidentaly bumped my head into a wooden wall. I had to goto hospital and get stitches
  • Drink Monster energy

    I stayed up til 2.
  • I drink Monster Energy 2

    The second time i drank it, I couldn't sleep until 4 oclock that morning!
  • Never Spend Money in Carnival

    On our trip to America, We went to Santa Monica Pier and I blew 100 HKD on a carnival game. I won a crayon anyways.
  • Buying a cheap gun that dosen't work

    On my family trip to America, I bought a Airsoft Gun for $55 US and it didnt work and broke on the way back
  • Wear long pants yo Hiking

    I went hiking with my long pants and I was so hot, I had to pull the bottom part of the pants up for the whole time