Major Events of WWI

  • Great migration

    Great migration
    The Great Migration-Shortgreat migration 1910- 1930 It is when african americans moved north to take unskilled factory job openings.
  • causes of WWI

    causes of WWI
    Top 5 causes of WWIImperialism,nationalism, Militarism,alliance system
    Immperialism =extending economic and political control over weaker nations
    Militarism=Development of armed forces and their use as tools of diplomacy Nationalism=Devotion to the interest and culture of one nationAlliance System =Is when one nation was helped out in a war by other so in return they help by fighting for them in different war.
  • Allies V Central powers

    Allies V  Central powers
    Allies= France, Britan, Russia, USA

    Central Power =German, Austria-hungry, Italy, Ottoman empire
  • Assassination of Franz

    Assassination of Franz
    <a href=' >Archduke Franz Ferdinand</a>Franz and his wife was killed by a man called Gavrillo princip serbians outraged about the his policies and wanted provinces to be part of serbia led plan slave stated rather then an empire of austria and hungry so they sent terrorist group black hand
  • Women's Roles

    Women's Roles
    Women's Roles in WWI Some roles of women during war: Nurses, Munitions, Factory workers,bandages, and selling war bonds, shipyards and spies.Also created royal Air Force which was women that worked on plans as machanics.
  • fight begins

    fight begins
    The battle of liege was the first war fought on land and the germans that had invaded had heavy losses by belgums
  • New wepons of world war 1

    New wepons of world war 1
    Weapons of World War I gernades, artillary, machine guns Artillary was used to attack from far away supress fire and shock enamy with long barrages Machine gun was used to defense of trench and rapidly advance troops
  • trench warfar

    trench warfar
    Trench Warfare in WW1 - TeacherTube Video Trench WarfareThe trenches were built have a a defence against the enamy and be able to attack at the same time but the conditions in the trenches in the trenches were not good=disease would spread,death of men,insects like lice, rates that if the soilders tried to kill would just keep comeing back,and fighting all at the same time.
  • British blockade

    British blockade
    How the British Blockade Works PamphletThe purpose of the british blockade was to keep suplies from the germans and the one affect of it was diseases ocured such as: scurvy, tuberculosis and dysentery other then diseased their was starvation amongst all the people.
  • Lusitania

    The Great Lusitania The LusitaniaThe lusitania was a liner carrieing many passanger . When the lusitania went into the warzone near europe they had got shot by a torpedo and it only took 18 minutes to sink it didnt take that long to sink because their was two explosions one was the torpedo and one was belived to something in the ship that shouldnt of been. And who was to balme for blowing up the ship the germans useing submarine warfare
  • Election of 1916

    Election of 1916
    The election of 1916 was wordrow wilson by 277 election votes. The reason they picked him is they wanted to keep their nutrality and they thought picking wilson would keep them out of war.
  • zimmerman note

    zimmerman note
    The Zimmermann Telegramzimmerman sent the german minister in mexico ensipherd message and the message proposed German-mexican alliance sead if they helped germans they would get land they lost in spanish american war but british intelagence captured and deciphered the note and turned it over to the americans.
  • America joins the fight

    America joins the fight
    some reasons that had lead up to the americans joining the war was had been trading with contries involed in war and couldn't get the trade there, sinking of Lusitania, and unristricted submerine warfare.
  • selective service act

    selective service act
    The selective service act would make men 21 through 30 years old have to register to go to war but some people couldnt join because of dependant famalies or physicle disabilities
  • CPI

    CPIThere leader is George Creel
    definition=Commitee on Public Information. They tried to help make war more popular in USA
    example = news articles, magazines, posters, patriotic colors, and movies.
  • espionage and sedition act

    espionage and sedition act
    U.S. Congress passes Espionage ActIs a act that prohibited any attempt to interfere with military operations.
  • WIB

    leader=Frank A. Scott
    definition= War industry board. They convinced companies to manufacture war products
    example=set quotas,provided all raw materials, monitered available resources, prices, and increased manufactureing facilities.
  • 14pts

    Author of the 14pts was Woodrow Wilson. The speech was intended to assure the country that the great war was being fought far a moral cause and for postwar peace in Europe.
  • Armistice

    Armistice - The End of World War I,1918An agreed, temporary cease fire between opponents in order to discuss formal peace terms
  • Map

    map=Alsace-lorrain was given back to france, the treaty of versailles took 13.5 of germans territory, and Belgium was enlarged in the east. With other territorial re arrangements an area east of prussia was handed over to lithhuania the sudetenland to czechoslovikia
  • Final statistics

    Final statistics
    money spent=$337 billion
    death tolls-casualties=37,466,904 killed=8,528,831
  • Big 4

    Big 4
    Who made up big 4 David lioyd-George, Woodrow Wilson, George clemenceau, vittorio Orlando
    countries=great britain , USA, France, Italy.
  • Schenck v United States

    Schenck v United States
    His purpose was to try and stop the war but he was found guilty under espionage then when he tried to apeal it the supreme court upheld its convictions.
  • Treaty of varsallies

    Treaty of varsallies
    The Treaty of VersaillesAs a peace settlement signed after WWI. Germans were treaty bad the treaty said that they were responsible for starting the war and the treaty would take away there money land and people.
  • League of Nation

    League of Nation
    Wilson - A PortraitLeague of NationsPoint of the league of nations task was simple was to assure war would't break out again.