Major events in the History of Computers

  • Charles Babbage

    He created the first automated caculator. He was considered the 19th century prophet for computers.
  • Herman Hollerith

    Applied " punch card concept" to computing with his Hollerith tabulating machine. He wa also an American statitician and inventor, his company would also grow to become what is now IBM.
  • Z1 Computer

    Mechanical calculator, included modern features such as a control unit as well as memory storage. Designed by Konrad Zuse.
  • 1st generation computer

    early machines that helped humans with calculation. very big.
  • Univac

    Universal auatomatic computer, first commercially sucesful electronic computer, used magnetic tape to operate.
  • steve jobs

    founder of microsoft/wrote lots of programs. he is worth 85 billion dollars. wasborn in seattle.
  • 2nd generation computer

    a computer characterized by the use of transistors rather than vacume tubes.
  • Jack Kilby

    Worlds first intergrated circuit, their was a small chip installed that was capable of containign thousands of of transistors.
  • 3rd generation computer

    characterized by integrated circuts and has logical organization and software which permit the computer to handle many programs at the same time.
  • 4th generation computer

    characterized by increasingly advanced very large scale integrated circuits and increasingly use of a hierarchy of memory,
  • Introduction of the GUI

    This was a grphical user interface called "GUI", apple was the first company to use this product commercially.
  • Altair Computer

    The computer cost $498 fully assembled, yet it had no keyboard or monitor. It was also considered to be very un-user friendly. Based on the Intel 8080 CPU.
  • Apple II

    This computer was much easier to use than the other competitors product, many inividuals used it for their own programming. It was the first mass produced microcomputer.
  • Steve Jobs

    He was co foundr of the comapny Apple, actually was the one who named the company Apple, because he considered it to be the perfect fruit.
  • visicalc

    first electronic spreadsheet applicatinon. orifinally relased for the apple 2. sold over 1000000 coppies.
  • Osbourne Computer

    The first portable computer, it was pe installed with spreadsheet and a form of a word software. Featured a 5 inch display.
  • Mosaic

    First browser to display graphics. Mosaic was developed at the national center for super computing applications.
  • excel

    helps make spreadsheets. excel is apart of microsoft office. the industry standard for spreadsheets.

    Electronic numerical intergrator and computer was what the name stood for. The product was used to calculate the settings used for weapons.
  • netscape

    a web browser evolved form moasic. they were aquired by AOL in 1999.
  • pagemaker

    first desktop bublisher. written to make as few assumptions about the underlying system as possible.