Major Events from Mao's Ruling of China

By GGenova
  • Mao declares the People's Republic of China

    The People's Republic of China was established, and the capital was Beijing. Mao collided all the social classes together to create a more democratic dictatorship. It still stands how it is today, with the population now being 1.35 billion.
  • The Great Leap Forward

    The Great Leap forward was created to rid the country of China of severe economic problems, but the movement unfortunately did the complete opposite. It was made to increase agricultural production within harvesters. The movement then failed later into the year.
  • Fallout of The Great Leap Forward

    The Great Leap Forward had established many agricultural communes to as many as 75,000 people. This was a very promising approach, but the amount of flooding that had happened along with there not being enought harvests, weren't up to par.
  • The Split from the Soviet Union

    The Sino Soviet Split was the downfall of of the co-lead relationship between China and the Soviet Union. Both Russia and China sought out to create peace with capitalist countries, but Mao Zedong refused and was really reluctnat to it. This lead to many idealogic debates and disagreements. By 1961, the Communist Party of China denounced the Soviet's idea of communism, and have been split apart since 1961.
  • The Cultural Revolution

    Mao Zedong had established a humongous movement among China in the year 1966. His idea was to keep the typical "communist" ruling, but get rid of the traditional leading styles set by earlier leaders of China. Mao had created the Red Guards, which were a large socialist group containing young people. One of their main goals being a Red Guard were to out anyone, including their own family members, to the government if they showed that they were against the revolution.
  • Mao's Death

    Mao Zedong passed away in 1976 after bringing new ruling strategies to China for ten years. It has said he had died of a heart attack due to him, at the time, being overweight. It was shocking to the country to find out that such a powerful leader was now dead.