Mack Skelton

  • Birth

    A legend is born.
  • Graduated from Kennett High School

    Decorated student and athlete.
  • Graduated from Arkansas State University

    BA Speech Communication
  • First Marriage

    Married Casey Lynn Hamlett in Kennett, MO. Was married for 4 years.
  • Began Teaching at Caruthersville High School

    Began in Missouri, later moved to Arkansas.
  • Graduated from Arkansas State University

    MA in Communication Studies
  • Began Teaching at Paragould High School

    Moved to Arkansas with my brother (Mike) in his school district.
  • Second (Last) Marriage

    Married Nikki Renee Pounds in Paragould, AR.
  • Attended the Fail Fast, Succeed Sooner Webinar

    NEA Co-op, Walnut Ridge, AR.