Luke's Wonderful Life

  • Want to Texas To Visit Grandparents

    We went to Texas to for about a week. My family and I went to visit my great grandparents. I remember that we stayed at a hotel in upper part of Texas. There were insects in the corners of the hotel. My parents made my brother and I sleep with them not on the floor. Once we got to my grandma and grandpa's house we sleeped there for a few days. We jumped the waves. I also prented that I was a alligator and tried to scare this little girl away.
  • The First Day of School.

    The first day was very fun. I hated listening to all the rules that we ahd to follow but at the end it was fun. Getting ready for school was hard too. I had to go pick out school supplies which kind of stunk. Once I got to my first day it was fun, We got reccess for that week and the next then we hardly had reccess, I was shy on that first day than I made some friends.
  • When My brother was born

    When I found out that my mom was having a boy I was sad.I wanted a little sister. I cried and cried for like an hour. Once my brother was born I was happy. I changed from not wanting a baby brother to wanting one. It was awesome!! I held him and everything. I loved him.
  • When My Sister Kailin Was Born.

    When my mother came home from the altrosound and we found out that we were having a baby girl. I was so happy!!! I was bragging that we were having a baby sister. I remember holding her in my lap; I was kissing her in the check and forehead because I was so happy. I wound go to school and have a picture of her showing my teachers and my friends. The teachers would ask how she was doing. I would say that she was doing fine and telling stories about what she did.
  • When I Started My First Day Of Middle School

    The first day of my middle school career was kind of scary. I thought that it was going to be really hard. It was kind of boring because we had to listen to all the rules and what they excpected us to do. It was also fun because we had gym and met Mr.Perlich. We also had some other fun teachers like Mr.Wright,Mrs.Seiber, Mrs.Cowley, and Mr.Sade. I liked it it was pretty fun too.