Lou’s education history

By Lduriez
  • Espaco brincar nursery

    Espaco brincar nursery
    This was my firth nursery,i entered at this school at 3 - 4 and was learning portugaise as it was in Brazil. My best friend was Bernardo and i still meet him when i go to Brasil.
  • École Vauban shool

    École Vauban shool
    I entered at this shool at the age of 5 - 6 and was learning french.i remember that i have a very kind teacher.i remember that one day per week,after the lunch,the teacher was making a game very funny.
  • École mosaic shool

    École mosaic shool
    This school was in France and we where learning what is good for our age.i renember that at lunch time we where going to eat at a little parc closed to the shool.my best friend was Nino
  • Training centre paris - saint - germain

    Training centre paris - saint - germain
    This was my firth football club.i was playing striker and was scoring a lot of goals.a little bit lettre i leave the club because my family was going to South Africa .
  • Lycée Jules verne shool

    Lycée Jules verne shool
    This was my only shool in South Africa.i was learning french and English.i have a lot of friends in this shool and we where playing football on the little field of the school.
  • Warriors football club

    Warriors football club
    This club was the club that i have preferd in all the club that i have tried.the coachs was very nice and we where always doing some matchs at the end of the training.i renember that we arrived i the final of the cup and we lost 3 - 2
  • Farnham riding school

    Farnham riding school
    When i was 10 years old i wanted to do horse riding and my mother put me on a horse club and i was really good at this. I change of teacher 3 times because all where living the horse riding club.
  • Stonhill international school

    Stonhill international school
    This was my firth shool and i did not like it because the children where not nice and the teacher two.i stay in this school only 2 month.
  • Canadian international school

    Canadian international school
    This shool was the best shool i never see.the shool was very nic the football field was nice and the children two.this shool will be my school until i leave India