Lisa's and my Shared History & Plans

Timeline created by snookers
  • my bd

    my bd
    began, I
  • 777-0/1

    DOUBLEPLUSGOOD bd the new creation
    Surrender at Lake McIntosh && Dawson Park; benched
  • gentle 9/11

    gentle 9/11
    approx date when I turned my back on my Salvation
    and began 6 years of Darkness and Gambling to go to HELL
    with companionship Lollipop
  • Rebirth II, Retake I

    Rebirth II, Retake I
    near death experience &&&
    re-dwelling of the Holy Spirit
    Self-knowledge && self-realization && God given understanding
  • 00945155400

    my loved one's [time & space] commloc
  • a current now

    a current now
    Link text
    just one of my many blessings. 03:18 am MST
  • Period: to

    life, meman

    reality mine one and only
  • Period: to

    current millenia

    our common awareness of each other's existence
  • Period: to

    Penultimate Assault Pt 1

    The enemies' dying last spiritual attacks
    the first phase end of Nov 2017
    second phase end of Feb 2019
  • Period: to

    Penultimate Assualt, Pt 2

    The Enemie's last phase of last spiritual assault on my Salvation
    part 1 end of Nov 2017
    part 2 end of Feb 2019