The Sad Saga of my lady love Lisa

Timeline created by snookers
  • my bd

    my bd
    began, I
  • 777-0/1

    DOUBLEPLUSGOOD bd the new creation
    Surrender at Lake McIntosh && Dawson Park; benched
  • gentle 9/11

    gentle 9/11
    approx date when I turned my back on my Salvation
    and began 6 years of Darkness and Gambling to go to HELL
    with companionship Lollipop
  • The birth of Hope, Love, knoledge of Lisa

    The birth of Hope, Love, knoledge of Lisa
    I met Lisa online on while she was in Denver, Colorado working as a volunteer nurse. To the end of this time, I never met her face-to-face. She is real, I am real. There was a possibility of our love, lasting and true.
  • Rebirth II, Retake I

    near death experience &&&
    re-dwelling of the Holy Spirit
    Self-knowledge && self-realization && God given understanding
  • 00945155400

    The beloved's deepening attempts. Our fates becoming intertwined leading to discussion of marriage and everlasting commitment. Born out of common frustration and long-suffering loneliness. Amazing love of God demonstrated. The world, the flesh, and the devil. Hope eternal. from my hospitalization at the end of February, 19AD to mid August, 19AD. Six unbelievable months of change.
  • a current now

    a current now
    Link text
    just one of my many blessings. 03:18 am MST
  • The Collapse of True? Love???

    The Collapse of True? Love???
    Unfortunately, this future did not turn out to be what I had dearly hoped for. Nor what Lisa had hoped for. May God bless her this day and every day for her attempts and forgive her failures in coming to know me and hope with me for a future glorious and bright. May the dream live on, as Kenny would say, Somewhere, Somehow, Someway. Ye hardly knew me. Nor I thou. Ahh the plans I had...
  • The End of this Adventure. Lessons learned.

    The End of this Adventure. Lessons learned.
    Ahh... Dear Lisa. The plans I had for us... as Kenny W.S. sang, 'Somewhere, Someday, Somehow'. Unfortunately, in the final analysis, at the end of the day, we couldn't make it come out right. I guess our faithful Lord God has declared us to be separate from one another at this time, and probably in perpetuity. May His Name be forever proclaimed and blessed, for His wisdom and guidance. This pains me severely, that after three years plus I could not make it come out all right. Bye my love
  • Period: to

    life, meman

    reality mine one and only
  • Period: to

    current millenia

    our common awareness of each other's existence
  • Period: to

    Penultimate Assault Pt 1

    The enemies' dying last spiritual attacks
    the first phase end of Nov 2017
    second phase end of Feb 2019
  • Period: to

    Penultimate Assualt, Pt 2

    The Enemie's last phase of last spiritual assault on my Salvation
    part 1 end of Nov 2017
    part 2 end of Feb 2019