Linea del tiempo personal

Timeline created by Clarios
  • Ovule fecundation

    Ovule fecundation
    you know how life's created right?
  • Birth

    I was born, fun, right?
  • My sisters came to existence

    and with them...hell followed 22:00
  • Entered Kindergarten

    Entered Kindergarten
    Start the journey
  • Finished Kindergarten

    Welp everything has an end
  • Started Elementary school

    The suffering has officially started
  • Moved Home

    Changed from a place to another, doesn't really matter
  • Finished 2nd grade of Elementary school

    This is kind of important I guess
  • Moved Home yet again

    I just went back to my previous house to be honest
  • Stated 3rd grade in a new school

    New school
  • Finished Elementary school

    1rst step in the stairs of suffering
  • Started Junior high

    such a pain
  • Finished Junior High

    IN my 3rd year I didn't go to classes for half the school year because I hated school... I still passed with 7.5, am a genius