Lightning Thief

By 21postc
  • first fury

    Percy fights a greek creature called a fury that he thought was his Pre-Algebra Mrs.Dodds
  • Three Old Ladies

    Percy and Grover are going to manhatten for the summer and
  • satyr surprise at Montauk

    Percy and his mom finaly get to leave Gabe and go have fun at Montauk.That night their was a storm and they heard knocking on the door of their hut. At the door Grover was standing their with out his pants and was half goat

    After leaving Montauk Percy,his mom,and Grover are driving to camp half-blood and they are attack by the Minotaur.Percy`s mom was"killed" by the Minotaur and Percy killed it by stabbing it in the heart with its brocken off horn.
  • awaken

    Percy wakes up after his big fight with the Minotaur at camp half blood.Percy gets up and meets his first god and that his handy caped teacher is a cenataur.
  • tolit explosion

    Percy gets a tour around camp half-blood and gets his unditermened cabin.Once he got set up at his cabin he made a enemy. Clarisse got him in the girls bathroom he shot tolit water all over her and knocked her out of the girls bathroom.
  • briscket burns

    the night he drowned someone with tolit water he is supose to burn some of his food because the gods like its smell.
  • we won

    Percy plays capture the flag with Hermes cabin and Athena cabin.Percy was on boarder potral and got attacked by Clarisse.In the end Percy defeats her and her friends and wins the capture the flag game

    Percy had been offered to go on his first quest to get Zues master bolt from Hades in the underworld and return it to Zues.
  • again

    Percy is boarding a bus dut when they were on the bus three old ladies got on the bus that Percy esaly knew was the three furies.the furies transformed into their usally form of a fury and attacked Annabeth and Grover while Percy sneeked to the front to escape.But Percy came back to help and blow up the bus.
  • Mudusa

    When they were running from the bus they found a place that sold life size statues whitch turnes out is Mudusa`s lair.In the end Percy cuts off Mudusa`s head and sent it to Olempus. Then in mudusa office they found where the enterance to the underworld is.
  • in the woods with a poodle

    The next day after killing mudusa Percy Annabeth and Grover find a poodle in the woods that has a cash reward if it is returned to its owner. they turned in the poodle and got $200 to get trains to Denver.
  • Ecindna`s pet

    Percy train to Denver had taken a stop in St. Louise. Annabeth got Percy and Grover to come to the arch with her and when Annabeth and Grover were going down Percy got attacked by Ecindna and the Chimera. Percy had jumped out of the arch into the missassippe
  • God as a cousin

    Percy is asked to retreive Ares sheild personaly.
  • lotis cosino

    Percy and the group get to go to the lotis cosino for free.
  • out and about

    The group get out of the lotis casino 5 dayes after they arrive.
  • under the world

    Percy and the group get to the underworld and find the bolt and find out that Hades is missing his helm.
  • returning the stolen

    percy returnes Zeus bolt and Hades helm.
  • cousin vs cousin

    after the underworld Percy fights Ares for the helm and Percy won.
  • the profecy

    Luke sends a skorpinan to kill Percy after confesing that he stole the helm and bolt and gets away