Life Timeline-ProjectPSYCH229

  • Start of germinal peroid

    this was calculated based on birthday
  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development and Birth

    From my birthday, I have calculated the possible date which I mighy be concived. It was in the middle of December,1966.
    There are several things need to be mentioned: 1. Mother lived in a village, poor prenatal care, but also at less risk of pollutions(homemade food . 2.No major event during germinal, embryonic and fetal peroid
    2. Born at home, not in hospital(poor healtgh care)
    3. Happy ending-I was born healthy on 09/09/1967. normal delivery.
  • Start of embryonic peroid

    2 weeks after mom's pregnancy.
  • Start of fetal peroid

    The ninth week of pregnancy.
  • Breast milk feeding

    Breast milk feeding start
  • Birthdat-Happy ending-a healthy baby boy

    Born at home(no in hospital-poor health care), a healthy baby boy
  • Period: to

    First Two Years

    Biosocial events; 1. Born at about 3.6 kilogram and 50cm in length. 2. Weight doubled during first year and then tripled the second year. 3.Height also increased rapidly. It was 77cm when I was 2. 4. A quite baby(sleep a lot). 5. Sensory and motor skills developed well. Stand alone well at 10 months, First step at 12 months. walk well at 14.5 months. 6. Nutritions;Breats milk for 6 months, added food then. Started regular food at 1 and half(Goat milk was added).
  • Awareness things

    Responding to parents and toys
  • Lift head and first roll over

    At about 3 months, lift head and first roll over.
  • Stand alone well

    stand by self but not walk yet.
  • New adaptation and anticipation

    Purposeful in responding to parents, siblings and toys
  • breast milk and goat milk feeding

    Added goat milk in food
  • First step-Great

    started first step without support
  • First meaning word-Mom and Dada

    Start call parents by using Mom and Dada
  • normal food added

    normal smash food added
  • Forming close bonds with family members

    Froming close bonds with family members especially parents and grand parents. recognized family members
  • Imitating others for words

    imitating parents and others for words.
  • Jumping on both feet

    Jumping on both feet not on one foot.
  • Vaccine received

    No accurate record, but received all available vaccines then
  • Period: to

    The play years

    Playes between ages 2 and 6.5. Become more social with same age childen. Motor skills develpoed greatly. Had my own memory since age of 5. Could ride tricycle, making toys(Sward, Spring). Has friends of same age and same sex.Started to take some risky activities.Can make simple logic judgement. Never been punished by parents, this surprised both parents and siblings. Started to help parents takeing care young brother and sister at age of 6. Langgugae skills developed normally.
  • Play with toys and objects interestted.

    Self explore toys and objects
  • Walk up steps and kick ball forward

    kick ball forward, walk up steps
  • Self awareness, play with siblings happily

    self awareness and start purposely play with siblings
  • First sentence

    First sentence:I want food.
  • Baby brother was born

    uneasy as parents turned more attention to baby brother
  • Riding tricycle

    very good motor skills
  • Meet liftime Friends in preschool

    Meet several good friends and still good friends as now. started to build friendship. Social contact.
  • War game with firends(Hero diseration)

    like to play hero when paly with friends in day care.
  • Baby sister was born

    Play with older sister and young brother well. started to understand sharing.
  • Help family take care of young brother,sister

    started to help parents to take care of brother and sister. Realize need to do something for family.
  • First time watch a Movie(open air) with friedns

    developing of curiosity for new things
  • First time fight for peers

    Fight for peers on street. defend my friends. they will defend me as needed.
  • Period: to

    School Years-elementary school

    Attend village elementary school. Avoid to play with girls. Participated group fighting. become a group leader.Taking responsibilities for others.Thinking more logically. Very good student in academic espically in math.little bit shy. Earning many awards for math comptetition. Realized death at age of 6 when grandpa passed away. did not easily afftect by peer pressure. never bullied others, also no being bullied. witness bullying sometime.
  • Stop to play with same age girls in school

    Started to paly with boys only. avoid to play with girls the same age. started realize the difference of gender.
  • Peer group form with friends

    Five friends formed a group and the friendship has been last to present.
  • Participate basketball team

    goog motor skills impressed coach since I am not tall.
  • Help family work at farm

    take responsibility for family
  • Riding bicycles

    motor development
  • Chairman Mao passed away

    Chinese strong man Chairman Mao passed away. do not totally why all the people were crying.
  • Grandpa(mother side) passed away

    started to realize what death mean
  • China partially resumed college enterance examination

    Previously only privilaged young man were allowed to enter college. open the the door for people like me.
  • Help older sister to defense from school bullying

    Old sister was bullied and my brother and I help her to defense
  • Uncle got married

    separated family with uncle's family. still in the same house, but separate economically.
  • First time take a car

    First time took a ride in a car. curiosity.
  • First meaning award in school

    Obtained first meaning award in math competition when in 5th grade.
  • Cousine was born and big family separated

    Family was separated to form two families(uncle's family and my family)
  • Read First Novel in Chinese

    Journey to the west.
  • Started middle school(in village school)

    good academy development. the best in calss
  • Period: to

    School Years-Middle school year

    Middle school in village middle school. Rapidly grow of body in size.Learning skills become more sophisticated.Learning become more self-motivatied. Starting konw my goals( to be #1 and enter good univesity). Focus on study. have less time to play. Even under peer pressue, keeping study the most proprity.Team leader in class and study group.Logic thinking is better than other students.Basketball player. did not affect by drug, smoking and sex activity. mainly focused on calss activities.
  • China completely nationawide resumed of university entrance examination announced

    This opened the door for people like me to obtain their high education. sisters got in taeching school. parents work hard to support our education.
  • Second award in math and chemistry competition

    proud myself and bring honor to parents too.
  • First time watch a forigen TV show on TV

    First time watch a forigen TV on TV(Bridage)
  • First time watch TV

    first time see a TV at a local factory
  • One day suspended by school

    Due to lead students climbing a high building on roof(risky) , was suspended by middle school principle. Mother meet the principle the second day and school resumed.
  • Meet spouse in middle school

    did not know each other well, but was in same school. both were good students
  • First accident

    when riding bicycle, falling from a high hill, Injuied right arm
  • Grandapa passed away(father side)

    As oldest grandson, I had a spcial role on the funal event
  • Started high school in county high school

    excellent academy record entered a great high school. The door to an university was openning.
  • Period: to

    Adolescence-High school years

    County High School. The first one in family to attent this great high school, still a team leader.Lived in campus by own(back home once a month). Taking care own stuffs(study, cleaning and others)Started admire good girls and received invitation from girls too, but never dated. Clearly knew my goal and focused completely on study to prepare university enterance examination.second sex characteristics became obvious at age 15. nerver touch alochol until age of 17(first beer), never smoking.
  • Second sex characteristics appear

    hair and others
  • Accident in Sports

    Injuried left ankle in basketball match
  • Elected president of the class and last until graduate of high school

    team work and leam leader. developed some kind of leading skills.
  • Meet my spouse after separated for 3 2 years

    Separated after middle school, but meet in a student event again and became connected again.
  • Taking univesity entrance exam

    July 7,8,9, hot weather. lone of ife defining moment
  • Received university admission notice

    After the entrance exam, received admission notice for the university(Southen Medical University of China)
  • Period: to

    Adolescence-University Time

    Advanced academy development. did well in calss, logic thinking become more mature and logic. Intelligence developed well both in acadmy and in social context. never touch smoking, drug and alcohol. Personal achievemnt became driving force for hard working. Take responsibility for my behaviors. Moral strength become more clear. start to think responsibility for the whole community.Started thinking political problems. Started serious relationship with my future wife at age of 22.
  • First day in university

    left parents, left house and felt excited. eager to all new things.
  • military training-classmates were humilated by officer

    some of my classmate were humilated by training officer due to lower grade in shoting.
  • First student democratic demonstation in China leader

    realized that people can show their power by demonstration.
  • First meaningful girl friend

    Lily, classmate, first girl friend. lifetime friendship.
  • meet my wife in her university in summer 1988.

    ocasionally, reunited with my previous friend, later became my wife and soul mate.
  • democratic demonstartion in Beijing was crashed by chinese army

    political reform is need for China to becoma a modern country
  • obtaine bachelor degree

    completed university study(5 years), assigned to Tibet as a health care officer.
  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood-Work as a medical officer in Tibet

    witnessed the hardship in Tibet both physically and psychologically. Thought as a extra personal experience gain. Strengthed relationship with my fiance. fully contact to social activities. More think of political problem in China. become more commitment to what I want to do. became more sophisticated in handling relationahip both in work and in family.prepared for graduate school examination. got admission to a good graduate school.
  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood-Graduate School

    Lived in captial of China. started to live with fiance. thought of our future together. Started thinking of visit other country, espically USA. Prepared TOFEL and GRE. A mature man was building my career. Meet a good mentor, Prof. Wang. developed very good relationship with manager and supervisor. Became team leader for a government project.Taking responsibilities both for self and the whole team. good knowledge and skills in health care management. never touch risk things like alcohol, drug.
  • Younger brother married

    did not attend, sent flower, gife and money for celebration.
  • little sister married

    Did not attend, but sent flower and money for celebration
  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood- Medical research in Beijing

    Worked and Lived in Beijing. more mature in all aspects, physically, mentally and psychologically. handling pressure well. handling all social relationship well. care for community, care for view of others. Work hard for success. married with fiance. started to bulid own family. Struggled to have a baby(wife has medical condition). Started to take responsibility for whole family after father's retirement. professional career developed well. Worked with big pharmaceutical companyies worldwide.
  • Married with my wife in Beijing

    After about 8 years fall in love with my girl friend, we got married in Beijing China. I just competed graduate study and she was still in pursuing her master degree.
  • work on antimalaria with Prof Wang

    started working with my mentor professor Wang, She helped me greatly both in my personal life and my academy development.
  • Grandma passed away

  • Mother had surgery

    mother had surgery while I was assigned to a government project. Could not back home then. transfered money to parents.
  • Wife went to USA

    wife got fellowship in Austrilia and USA, Pick up University of Usth as destination.
  • Father retired

    Father is getting old and retired, family responsibility fall in my brother and my shoulder as boys in family.
  • entering the USA for Utah State University

    Biochamistry PhD program
  • Participate my first intrenational conference

    Topic was infection disease in southern China with Pro.Wang, mentor
  • Terrorissm attack New York City

    Twin tower was collapsed. More than 2,000 lost lifes.
  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood-Wayne State University for Master Degree

    cultural shock , working very hard on study and to improve english. adjustment both mentally and physically to fit the life in USA. Attend various schools to improve English skills. Started to think human rights, and political problems more seriously after 9.11 attack. Witnessed the anti-terrorism war. witnessed freedom in USA and the election in 2004.Busy life for studying and working.
  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood-Utah State University(Logan)

    First half year study in Utah State University. Lived in USA campus with my wife and my sister in law.
  • Transfer from USU to WSU

    since wife got first job offer from GM. moved to Michigan.
  • Wife Miscarriage

    wife lost first pregnency, sad. sad.
  • Green Card issue

    Get green card in 02/2005. great news
  • First child(daughter) was born

    vallerie was born two weeks earlier than projected due date.
  • parent first visit in USA

    First time my parent visit us in USA. They were so proud that they are the only persons at their age have the opportunity to visit USA.
  • First house in Tory MI

    bought first house in Troy, Michigan, American dream was coming true.
  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood-Work in clinical research

    Understand the medical system in this country. Comparing to what China has. understanding cancer patients more deeply. Understand terminal care for study patients. life became more smooth. Two kids were born during this time. Family is growing. Bought house and started to make the american dream become true. Parent visit many times. Visit china once. one of same age firend died. started to think death problem.but not oftenly.
  • 10th wedding anniveersary

    still love each other, family is being build up. Daughter was born and expecting another baby. Celebrated in our first own house.
  • sold first house

    due to job change, we sold our first house.
  • Second Child(Son) was born

    son was born. health baby.
  • China huge earthquake(Sichuan)

    hugh earthquake in china caused more than 80000 lifes
  • Beijing olympic

    beijing olympic, proud of the development of China. Still have long way to go for political reform.
  • one of best friend died of heart disease

    people with my same age started to die of disease, need to take care your health carefully.
  • middle school reunion

    After ten years in USA, I went back to China dn visited my middle school
  • visit china after 9 years

    met family, relative and friends.
  • bought second house Novi

    Bought second house in Novi. houseing market is down.
  • Novartis conf in NJ(visit Maryland)

    visit Washington DC and arlington national cemetary there
  • daughter enter school

    excited. sent her to school bus.
  • Granted citizenship of USA

    finally became a citizan of USA
  • Bring family to Florida(Disney)

    Family visit Disney Florida(with my parents)
  • Japanse earthquake and nuclear disaster

    badly. affect worldwide.
  • Period: to

    Middle Adulthood-Projected in future (1)

    Started to entering middle life. Life is expected to be more smooth. watching kids grow up. Focus on personal career. continue to learn new skills. Did not expect midlife crisis, but exppect changes in personal life. Will do the best to adjust midlife change more smoothly. Taking old parents and whole family as well. Expect to keep a good relationship both in personal life and in public affair.
  • brother remarried after ex-wife passed away

  • Celgene conference in Time square(NY)

  • Parents 50th wedding anniversary

  • daughter start first grade

  • change job

  • Son start first grade

  • 20th weeding anniversary

    renew oath
  • Travel to Europe

  • Daughter enter middle school

  • Son enter middle school

  • Family Travel to Africa

  • daughetr enter college

  • Son enter high school

  • Son enter college

  • Family travel to south america

  • 30th wedding anniversary

  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood-Projected future (2)

    Kids will lgrown up and leave house. ecpected to retire at around age 70 if health condition allows. After retirement, will try to keep active as before. Focus on develop new personal interest such as worldwide travel, spend more time on reading interest books.Will attend as more as public events to keep a busy life. still keep sutible physical activities and keep a good physical condition. Will aslo keep mentally active. Help kids to take care grandkids. enjoy good time of life.
  • Project daughter's weding

  • Project first grand child

  • projected son's weding

  • retire

  • 40th Wedding anniversary

    40 th wedding anniversary, planning to return to Beijing to celebrate.
  • 50th wedding anniversary

  • Period: to

    Last Stage of Life-A good and dignity goodbey- Projected future(3)

    Wish to live peacefully. No war in this world, no criminal around the community. Will enjoy the last stage of my life. My wife and I wish to go to the other world at the same time. When facing the final phase of life, I wish I can say that I have lived a good and productive life. Wish to say final goodbey to family, and friends at my own home. If My wife is still alive, I will have her as my health proxy, if not, my son or daughter will make the decison for me when I am not able to do then.
  • death

    according to life expectancy calculator I will live to age 89 if I follow my current life style. I wish I could say that I have lived a very good life.