Life Timeline

By josh731
  • Birth

    Day I was born and brought into this world.
  • 1st Birthday

    My first year of being alive, and my first actual celebration.
  • Favorite Toy

    My first gift that I can remember, it was a battery powered four-wheeler that I used until I was 7.
  • Learn to Ride Bike

    I first learned to ride a bike, whichi is still one of my favorite things to do to this day.
  • Start School

    Start my first day of Kindergarden at Quarter Field Elementary School.
  • First Sport

    Joined Baseball team, Played for 11 years.
  • First Snowboard

    Snowboard for the first time
  • First Video Game

    Played my first video game, which hapened to be Pokemon.
  • Graduate Elementary School

    on to middle school
  • Period: to

    Massive Growth Spurt

    During these 2 years I grew 15 inches and entered 6 foot territory
  • Go to Corkran

    Start Middle School
  • Graduate Corkran

    Going onto High School, what I still consider the biggest change in my life.
  • Go to Glen Burnie

    Start High School