Life of Muhammad

  • 570


    Muhammad is born to a powerful tribe in Mecca Arabia
  • 577

    Muhammads Mother dies

    When Muhammad was only six, his mother passed away.
  • 595

    Worked as a shepherd for Bani Sa‘d and in Makkah.

    He worked as a shepherd in his early youth.
  • 596

    Muhammad's Wife

    Muhammad married a rich women, and he became wealthy.
  • Sep 10, 610

    Muhammad hears Allah

    Muhammad hears Allah for the first time and he thought he was being possed by devils.
  • Apr 17, 613


    After three years of recieving messages from Allah, Muhammad decided to be come a preacher.
  • May 27, 619

    Wife died.

    After he was a preacher for six years when his wife passed away.
  • May 10, 622


    Many peopel in Mecca did not like that Muhammad had been telling people that he was receiving messages from Allah. Sohe moved to Medina.
  • Aug 4, 630


    Muhammad and his followers slowly built up an army so that they could take over the city of Mecca.
  • Aug 13, 632


    After Muhammad died all of Arabia had converted to Muhammad’s Islamic religion.