Life Maps

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  • Pip Meets the Convict

    Pip Meets the Convict
    One day, when Pip was visiting his parent's grave yard, a convict comes across him and forces him to help him. pip is terrified and is forced to bring the convict a file and food. This is where Pip's journey begins, what changes his entire life. Later, we find out that the convict becomes Pip's benefactor and Pip even begins to grow an attachment towards him.
  • Pip Meets Estella and Miss. Havisham

    Pip Meets Estella and Miss. Havisham
    Pip's uncle, Pumblechook, arranges for Pip to meet Miss. Havisham. When he goes to meet her, he meets a beautiful young lady named Estella. He has instant affections for her and although she insults and pushed him away, Pip is still always there at her feet. Estella sees Pip as someone of lower class, so Pip does everything possible to impress her and make her change her mind about him. Pip's actions, personality, and way of thinking are altered because of Estella.
  • Pip is informed that he will become a gentleman

    Pip is informed that he will become a gentleman
    When Pip finds out that he has a secret benefactor and that he will soon become a gentleman, he begins to look down on Joe and Biddy. Although they are like family, he begins think of himself as more important simply because he will soon be of a higher social class. His pride begins to grow along with a barrier between him and his family.
  • Pip finds out that Magwitch is his benefactor

    Pip finds out that Magwitch is his benefactor
    Pip had always thought, and had high hopes, that Miss. Havisham was his benefactor, but he discovers that he is wrong. When Pip finds out that the convict is his benefactor, he is stunned. He begins to change his views and begins to see Magwitch in a different way. This is his reality check.
  • Magwitch becomes sick and dies.

    Magwitch becomes sick and dies.
    When Magwitch becoes sick, Pip begins to see how much he actually means to him. We begin to see an affectiante side of Pip as he visits Magwitch everyday and says by his side until he dies. The loss of Magwitch greatly affects Pip.
  • Pip becomes sick

    Pip becomes sick
    While Pip is sick, Joe stays right beside him the whole times, even if Pip is push him away before. When Pip relizes that Joe stayed by his side the entire time, he begins to realize what is truly important. He sees that he did wrong in pushing away his loved ones, the ones that are always there for him.
  • Pip saves Miss. Havisham from the fire

    Pip saves Miss. Havisham from the fire
    Throughout his journey, Pip comes more compassionate as well as understanding. This is when we begin to see that he really does care for others. He risked his own life without even thinking about it to save the life of the woman who has made him miserable.
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    Mary's Life Map

  • First day of School

    First day of School
    I started school, where my learning began. My first day of school was a day full of excitement and It was a day in which I began to recognize how important school is. This was when my journey of education began, a journey I am still going through in order to have a successful future.
  • Started Church classes

    Started Church classes
    I started my church classes, which really changed how I viewed things. My faith in my religion began to grow and I began to see things in a more positive way. Learning about my religion always gave me reassurance and my faither in God has helped me through tought times. This is the place where i always found solutions for my problems.
  • Met Miss. A

    Met Miss. A
    In fourth grade, I had the teacher that impacted me the most. She not only taught me a lot, but she also greatly encouraged me. She was the one to introduced me to the idea of applying for Oxford Academy and she really pushed me to be the best I could be. Miss. A always had faith in me and that I could go far.
  • Joined P.A.L.

    Joined P.A.L.
    PAL a leadership group in elementary school, it was basically like an asb. This was my first leadership experience, which i learned a lot from. I learned what it takes to be a leader, this is when i grew the most through elementary and when I began to see the positive benefits of leadership.
  • Got accepted into Oxford Academy

    Got accepted into Oxford Academy
    On april 16, 2009, I recieved a letter of acceptance from Oxford. I was really excited because I knew it was one of the top schools in the nation, it was my dream school. This is when the path of my education changed. I quickly found out that Oxford is far harder than elementary school, but its an amazing school in which I am gaining an amazing education from.
  • Started cross country

    Started cross country
    During the summer of 2011, I joined cross country. This is when I realized that I love to run, and it opened the path way from me to do sports throughout the school year. Now, I am a dedicated cross country and track athlete. It helps me to get distracted from school pressure after school and gives me something to do other than homework. It is what has taught me wat true determination is and something that I have taken true enjoyment in.
  • Friend Moved Away

    Friend Moved Away
    At the end of 8th grade, one of my best friends moved away. It greatly impacted my life, she was the one I always turned to when I needed someone to talk to. This was the first time I had to deal with a situtaion like this, but this has taught me that true friendships survive through all the hardships.