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  • birth

    the day i was born . travers city michigan munson hospital .
  • first puppy

  • uncle bob shoots himself

  • uncle bobs funural

  • moms boy friend beats her in front of me

  • go live with dad in arizona

  • best friend anthony dies in car accedent

  • anthonys funurl cant make it

  • aunt chele moves to arizona with rest of family

  • first sip of moonshine

  • first time drunk

  • first hangover

  • first time shooting gun

  • first time being stabed

  • visit the grand canion

  • move to iowa

  • dog buddy dies

  • move into eldrige

  • first day of high school

  • last day of school

  • last day of 10nt grade summer begins

  • first day as a junoir

  • first day of 10 grade in high school

  • what i want 10 years from now

    a nice house in the middle of the woods with a nice family and to not have to worry about money or any thing else but me and m family i want to have a good job that pays ell .