life after Jamoni

  • born 2000 june 15

    born  2000 june 15
    I was bron. My parents had me, it was when my life started and I'm the third child of my parents
  • Period: to

    Jamonis life

  • the tragedy

    the two twin towers crashed down because Al-Qaeda drove two of the biggest planes in to both towers
  • my life saved

    my tonsils closed up in my throat and i almost die i would have but my dad took me to the doctors in no time so he basically saved my life
  • first day of school

    my parents wanted me to start ICS because all my older siblings went to this school
  • a new president

    that was the day that the first black president was ever elected in the U.S.A

    this was the day that Michael Jackson died and it was a tragedy to everyone because LOVE him because of his music
  • the trip of the year!!!!!!!!!

    this was the day that the whole 5th grade went on the camping trip that the school have for the 5th graders every year
  • history project

    that day i presented the project was fun because i got to be an impersonator for the rest of the day
  • the first day of 6th grade

    i was sssooooo hype to have come so far in this school and to be in middle school. i've been in that school for 7 years but it seem like it was less
  • my bestei

    I got a new best friend named Vicky and the reason being because me and my other one is not that close anymore. Also because Vicky is real and she be on her chills
  • Chirstmas day

    i love Christmas because of all my family being together and having fun with each other
  • the New Year

    i'm so happy that the new year is here because i can start all over and achieve all my goals
  • Washington here we come!!!!!!!!!

    that was the day that the 6th graders went to Washington D.C. for the school trip that they have every year for the 6th graders