Life <3

  • Birth

    I was born on November 11 in Park Ridge, IL.
  • First Trip to Poland

    First Trip to Poland
    In August of 2010, I went to Poland for the first time with my mom and my aunt. We visited family, traveled to a lot of cities, and made new friends that still talk to.
  • First Day of Polish School

    First Day of Polish School
    In order for me to upkeep my "Polishness", my mom signed me up for Polish School at Holy Trinity Parish. It felt familiar, so I felt more comfortable coming in, who knew I'd actually enjoy it!
  • First Day of Elementary School

    First Day of Elementary School
    Coming in 2 weeks late, I started my first day of kindergarten. I didn't know what to expect, I was scared because everyone already knew each other. I was placed at an all boys table, but over time we became great friends.
  • Period: to

    Dance Ensemble

    When I was in first grade, I wanted to do dance. I did ballet, and it wasn't really my thing. I decided to join a polish folklore group that was partnered with my polish school. I would have practice every Saturday, then in 5th to 7th, it would be on Wednesdays, then from 8th till now I have it every Monday and Thursday. Every year, I would take part in 2 concerts and perform at our annual banquets.
  • Best Friends

    Best Friends
    This was the year I met my first group of friends. We have been friends for so long, but recently one of them moved and its been really hard to be together. Even though we don't hangout as much, we still text and facetime all the time.
  • Period: to

    Ice Skating Journey

    I started ice skating in second grade and I stopped doing it the summer of 8th grade, which s a really long time. I would take part in various ice shows, and I was about to sign up to be a part of the team. I quit because I just didn't feel motivated and my teacher really discouraged me. I regret that decision now, but I'm glad I am still able to ice skate properly and even do tricks.
  • Summer Camps

    Summer Camps
    2014 was the year I started going to any type of Camp. I went to an weeklong overnight camp with my friends from Polish School and cried all the way driving back home. Not long after that, I started day camp at Norwood for one year, then Shabbona up until 2016
  • First Concert

    First Concert
    My cousin took my friend and I to our first ever concert. It was the KissFM Jingle Bash and I remember loving it.
  • Poland's President

    Poland's President
    There was a presentation at Millenium Park and our class took a field trip there and we got a picture with the President of Poland, which was pretty cool.
  • Second Visit To Poland

    Second Visit To Poland
    This was the best trip to Poland, since I was with my dance group. We were there for 2 weeks, the first week we were on a trip around the whole country, then the next week we took part in a folklore dance festival.
  • Period: to

    Graduation at Schools

    In May, I graduated 8th grade in Polish school and decided to continue on my education and hold on for 3 more years. in June, I graduated from 8th grade and was on the road for high school
  • High School Prep/First Day

    High School Prep/First Day
    In August, I attended Freshman Connection at Taft High School and met a lot of people that I'm still friends with. First week of September, I started high school at the new Freshman Academy.
  • 1st Track Practice

    1st Track Practice
    After not being a big fan of the swim team, I decided to join track with my friend. We ended up really enjoying the sport and the people on the team. I put in effort, and next thing you know, this is goig to be my third year on the team!
  • Covid Closes Schools

    Covid Closes Schools
    This was the last day on Campus for what we thought would be 2 weeks. I was just starting a new sport (Track and Field) and was starting to like it a lot. The whole world kind of just stopped and we didn't know what the future held.
  • New Hair

    New Hair
    This was the first time I got highlights in my hair, and i haven't stopped since then, new hair coming soon!
  • Permit

    I took private driving lessons, passed the test with only one missed question, and I got my permit!
  • Happy Times

    Happy Times
    I don't know why, but the best version of myself existed in November 2020. Skin was flourishing, had fun with friends, ran 2 miles everyday. and mentally, I was in a happy place,
  • Adams Party

    Adams Party
    Our polish class hasn't really been a unit, ever. Like, girls would sit on one side and the guys on the other, and we were all in cliques. This guy Adam threw a little get together at his house, and for once in our life, it wasn't award, and everyone was talking to each other and having fun. One of the most memorable moments from the beginning of summer!
  • Drivers License

    Drivers License
    This was the day I got my drivers license. It was overall a great day, filled with positivity. The I drove myself to Target and it just felt like an adulting moment.