• Birthday

    This one is my most favorite. The day I was born. (: I am not sure what is the story like. Lol Well i am just very glad that I was born and get to know things. There may be hard time in my life but i manage to get through it ! Cause i'm strong and Cool (:
  • Stop drinking Bottle

    I stop drinking my bottle when i was 1. It is such a weird story why i stop but i think it is pretty interesting ! My sister told me about it. They say that when i was younger i always have this favorite bottle that i drink of, and one day the bottle was lost and never found. I guess i was crying for my bottle so my dad went and go buy me a new one but, I didn't want that bottle so everysince that day I stop ! (:
  • learn to write my name

  • Went to th Movies the first time

  • Start school ; 1st grade

  • Flunk 1st grade

  • Skip 1st grade and went to 2nd grade

    Only went to first grade for a week ^^
  • Learn how to ride a bike

  • Uncle pass away

    I'm not sure ! ):
  • K-pop Freak

    One of my favorite from the timeline is when i start becoming a K-pop Freak ( Which mean i am obsess with Korean people / celebrity ) ! It start of when my sister brought a Cd of them home and we start listening to them , And yes there were hott guys so i end up liking them, them LOVE them <3 ! It may sound creepy but ... no comment ! I start of only listening to one group and it gets more and more, rigth now there are like 30 or more different korean group i listen too.
  • Niece was born ( Sophie )

  • Start to study Korean

    One of my favorite one that is on my timeline is the one that i start studying Korean. I always liked K-pop every since i was younger. I watch drama and everytime i watch Korean drama I never understand them to I have to watch the one with Eng Sub, ! Some of the drama may not have eng sub and that makes it really really hard for me to understand them. I start deciding to study Korean every since. It is pretty hard but it is very fun everytime i figure out a new word ! ^^
  • Niece Born ( Joliya )

  • Eagle Bluff

  • Went to Cityvew

    Well i guess this is also one of my favorite. Cityview is the first school i went to that i stayed for 4 years. Every year i always end up moving to a different school but this is the first school i stayed. I really enjoy coming to Cityview, the teachers are nice and i have so many friends here. Cityview is where i met all my friends and it is nice having them in my life. (: Sometime this school might be boring but at points there always a fun activity plan !
  • Learn How to skate

  • Start to play the violin

  • Learn the piano

  • Save for trip to Korea

  • Golden Birthday