Timeline created by Ingrid Wong
  • Born

    I was born on this day!!! =D
  • Pre-school

    I started pre-school this day.... meeeeepppp!!! ;)
  • Kindergarten

    This day I started studying in Victoria Kintergarten!! :)
  • elementry School

    elementry School
    First day primary! First day primary! In St Stephen's College Preparatory School! :D
  • Bad Day

    Boohoohoo..... my great- grandmother died this day at the age of 101...... :( No one to play cards with.....
  • Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday!!
    Happy Birthday to my cousin!!
  • BFF

    today is the first day of my grade six, and i knew my best friend Christina.
  • Graduate

    today is the last day in primary. I finally graduated!!! I miss my friends too..... ;)
  • High School

    High School
    Today is a new start again. But it is the start of my middle school. I am studying in Victoria Shanghai acedemy!